Money Matters, People Matter More

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In the busy and hectic society in which we live, it can be difficult to keep focused on what is truly important. In fact many organizations, companies, and industries got to where they did today by losing that focus and walking all over the employees and hard workers that made the bigger picture machine work as well as it did. But today, there are laws and regulations in place that help to protect those workers, and on top of that those regulations help to protect the world we live in, which, if anyone is counting, is the only one we have.

How HSE software can help streamline functional risk management
The health and safety of employees, as well as that of the environment, should be the main focus of every company. Production numbers and profits are important for the fiscal success of the company, but when it comes down to it, it is the people and the earth that are irreplaceable, and should be treated as such. Health, safety and environmental software, or HSE software, helps to consolidate and keep track of the operations of a business, ensuring that it is up to all of the standards that it needs to be. Using this type of inspection software are also audit and compliance assurance systems, compiling all of the data into one place in order to easily view the successes, infractions, and other elements of the employee and environmental health and safety management operations.

Why HSE software is important

It can be very easy and even tempting for a company to cut corners in order to accomplish tasks faster, elevate production rates, and make more money. But those company machines are made up of human beings, and if those human beings are not being treated well, or are at risk of harm or even death, the money matter should take a back seat. There is nothing that should be valued above a person’s life, and HSE software makes monitoring those potentially dangerous operations and the workers’ interactions with them easier and more efficient. And keeping an eye on what kind of impact the business has on the earth and environment is just one more way of protecting the people that share the same space. Environmental compliance regulations such as those focused on water and waste regulatory compliance are meant to keep industries in check.

Stepping up the involvement of company heads

About 50% of workers say that they think it is important to know what a company is doing as far as its dedication to recycling, the conservation efforts when it comes to energy and water, and if the business is serious about what it can do to minimize the negative impact everyday operations might have on the environment. And the vast majority of employees unsurprisingly would like to feel safe at work. While these seem like obvious sentiments, there seems to be some division in the way that executives see these values and the actual application.

Sustainability, which addresses social, environmental, and governance issues is considered by over half of executives to be vital to many areas of the business. These areas include the building of a good, solid reputation that potential customers and clients can trust, the development of novel products, and general corporate strategy.
However only about 27% of people responding to one survey said that the CEOs and other higher executives of their businesses had a daily involvement with the sustainability initiatives within those companies. And just a meager 35% of executives have claimed that their companies have adequately measured up the possible social and environmental impact their businesses might have. This leaves plenty of room for improvement and better involvement of those running the companies in question.

Succeeding in business is important, and it can be easy to focus on the one goal of the monetary success of the company. But having these regulations in place helps to bring the focus back to where it should be: the human beings and the one precious planet we live on.

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