Ensuring Proper Shredding of Confidential Documents

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A lot of information, both confidential and not is currently stored on the internet. A lot of companies have moved past paper documents and the physical storage of these paper documents. It seems to be easier to protect confidentiality and personal information an in online setting. When documents physically in person, they must be stored somewhere that is confidential and that not many people have access to. It also may be somewhat easier to get rid of personal information and documents in an online setting. When a physical document needs to be destroyed, it must be shredded into small pieces.

There are many professions that require the protection of confidential documents. These are all professions that have access to personal information that should be kept private. A few examples are health professionals, legal departments, employment records, counseling services, educational professionals and even retailers with customer?s information and credit card copies. In fact, doctors and health insurance providers are legally tasked with document shredding duties. Because their patient?s and clients? information is so sensitive, state and federal laws dictate that all medical organizations have comprehensive data destruction plans. This simply protects all patients and the ability of their information landing in unapproved people?s hands.

Document scanning solutions and a document shredding service are a great way to guarantee that documents are shred properly. It is not enough to simply throw away confidential documents. You could also attempt to rip up the documents prior to throwing them out, but this could still not be enough. Shredding is really the only way to ensure of proper dismissal of important documentation. Many companies will even offer free document shredding services, because of the importance getting rid of the confidential information documents.

Document scanning solutions are also a great way to move your paper documents into a safer setting of online document storage. Many programs provide confidential and guaranteed protection of these important documents. They are generally encrypted with passwords or patient recognition software, ensuring that the information is not leaked to anyone else. This is not possible with paper documents. A document scanning solutions company can help a paper document company move their current documents into an internet type setting. It is estimated that 95% of business information is still stored on paper. Eventually, it is likely that most documents of businesses will be moved to the internet and document scanning solutions companies can assist with this move. After the move, Chicago shredding services are necessary for disposal of the confidential paper documents. Additionally, any information that is stored on a hard drive or floppy disc will also have to be destroyed because of the lack of physical safe storage space. Hard drive destruction involves the destruction of the physical hard drive, ensuring that it cannot be used to obtain the confidential information.

Finally, an additional benefit of shredding documents is the ability to recycle the material. When paper contains confidential information, it cannot be recycled in its current form. New users of the paper products may see the information and violate confidentially privacy laws. Shredding the information allows the paper to be recycled and reused, helping the environment and reducing the amount of paper that is sent to landfills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, around 80% of the paper mills in the United States are specifically designed to use the paper that is collected in shredding and recycling programs.

Confidentially is key in many professions. In fact, the law requires many companies to not only protect your confidential information, but to also properly destroy it when it is no longer needed. Document shredding solutions provide companies with a safe and guaranteed way to dispose of confidential information. Eventually, the majority of information will move to the internet, where information is easier to protect and to dispose of. Shredding important and confidential documents also helps out the environment, by allowing the paper documents to be recycled.

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