How Do You Find the Best Salespeople?

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We have all experienced interactions with sales people, whether at a car dealership or at a cell phone store. These are generally interactions that the consumer initiates because they need what the sales person is selling. Then there is another category of sales jobs, in which the sale is presented to the customer, perhaps before they are aware that they need what is being sold. It is important for sales recruiting firms to remember: selling is, at its heart, a social business. This type needs someone who is not afraid to initiate a conversation, can tactfully override soft objections, and is capable of closing the sale.

It has been said that a firm handshake and a confident smile are the top assets to have when making a sales call. But as good sales recruiting firms know, it takes more than that to really succeed in the sales business. It takes patience and perseverance to have a career in sales. But charisma, enthusiasm, adaptability, and good communication skills are also helpful.

Sometimes a person may think they have these qualities, but self-assessment can be difficult. Some sales recruiting firms will hire whomever applies and meets the bare minimum requirements. This is not the best route to take. Wise sales recruiting firms understand that they will save time and money by hiring the right applicants. Once good applicants are chosen, it is important to train them well. Few people are natural-born sales people. A little guidance when starting out can help.

It has been established that confidence is important in a sales person. This is because a good seller must stand behind the product or service they are selling, and convince the customer that they absolutely need it in their life. It is difficult for the customer to be confident they need the product or service if the sales person is not. Training can help a sales person learn how to fake confidence if it does not come naturally.

It may seem that sales people are just born that way: super confident, charismatic, and persistent. But that is mostly a myth. Good sales people come from good applicants who receive great training.

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