3 Things You Should Keep in Mind for Getting Your Office Cleaned Up

When to look for a janitorial service

Your office: how clean is it, exactly? Chances are, the answer is ?not clean enough.? The problem, often, is recognizing what is dirty in an office. The average toilet seat, for example, is 400 times less dirty than a dirty desk! That?s where eating lunch at your cubicle will get you! More seriously, though, a dirty work environment can have an effect on both the psychological, as well as physical, health of your employees.

Are you thinking of hiring new janitorial services for your office? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

When to Look for a Janitorial Service

If you?re wondering about when to look for a janitorial service, ideally you give yourself some time before you need any cleaning — this way you can contact several companies and compare their quoted price, offerings, and reviews. The most important time to have a cleaning service, though, is the spring and winter. Having cleaning services in spring helps keep pollen and outdoor allergy reactions at pay, and cleaning services in the winter prevent viruses from spreading quickly from employee to employee.

What Type of Janitor Should You Hire?

There?s a few reasons you?re going to want to consider green cleaning services. For one, it will mean less chemicals being sprayed around your office. Because of chemical-laden indoor cleaning products, indoor air pollution levels can actually often be much higher than in the outdoors. Not only will green janitorial services cut down on this problem, but they will also allow you to frequently save money on your cleaning supplies. Because green supplies are often made out of just a few simple ingredients, they are often less expensive, as well!

Know Exactly What You Want Clean

Every office is different, so you?re going to want to be clear with your janitorial service about what you want cleaned. Will you expect every desk to be cleaned, or do your employees prefer to handle that themselves so that nothing is lost or broken? Should their services include removing anything from the breakroom sink — or again, is this something better left to employees so that personal items are not lost? Make sure to have it in writing what you want or don?t want covered so that there is no miscommunication.

What would you advise for finding new cleaning services?

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