Get Moving With Gears

Splined shafts

There are many types of gears a custom made gears such as pinion gears, spur gears, bevel gears, and worm gears.

The gear is one of the oldest tools used to transfer motion. Gears can be found in anything from watches, to bicycles, to cars, to egg beaters. Gears are important to motion.

Bevel gears are most commonly found in trains, cars, steel plants, power plants, and hand drills. There are straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, hypoid bevel gears, and zerol bevel gears. Straight bevel gears have straight teeth and are parallel to the generators of the cone. Spiral bevel gears have curved teeth. Zerol bevel gears have curved teeth but are angled. Hypoid bevel gears are similar to spiral bevel gears.

Bevel gears are typically shaped like right circular cones. They are versatile because they usually allow you to change the operating angle of whatever the gear is powering.

Bevel gear manufacturers use cast iron, steel, aluminum, carbon steel, or alloy steels for gear hobbing. Hobbing is the term used for a machine process that manufactures gears.

Worm gears, or worm drives, have a worm and a worm gear. A worm is similar to a screw. Worm gear manufacturers most commonly use bronze to make worm gears. Less often worm gears are manufactured with alloyed steel or plastic.

Gear manufacturing companies and bevel gear manufacturers often manufacture many types of gears.

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