Ever wonder how often blog writers post?

Have you decided that you would like to start a popular blog site, but you’re not sure how often blog writers should post when they want to get a lot of subscribers for their blog? There are some easy ways to find out.

One good way to find out how often blog writers post is to check blog sites of popular writers who post about similar topics to the one that you want to discuss on your own blog. That will probably give you a good idea of how often you should update your own blog to keep your target audience interested.

If you’re working on starting a more fringe topic oriented blog site, you can play it by ear. To find out how often blog writers like you should post, you can come on strong and post daily, or even a few times a day, until you’ve got steady traffic. Then, back it off just a little bit, and see if you maintain the traffic that you had had before. If your traffic maintains, you can try posting just a little bit less. When you notice your traffic starting to drop off, you’ll know how often blog writers who discuss what you’re talking about should post to keep subscribers coming back for more.

Once you know how often blog writers like you should post, and you have a good amount of readers returning to your site regularly, you can start offering ad space and joining affiliate marketing programs so you can start monetizing your blog. With a little writing effort, and some persistance, you can start making extra money from your blog in no time!

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