Why Website Design is Important For Your Business

Most companies today know the need for an impressive web presence to succeed. In this YouTube video, viewers can review the reasons a company’s website design is so vital to its future. A company’s website is often the first place a customer can learn about a company. A customer searching for your product may stop to read your content – and then stop to buy some of your products.

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A Website Provides Information 24/7

If a customer comes to a store, their knowledge of that company will be based on their first encounter with that company. However, a website is an information source 24/7 for potential or established clients. The first encounter with your website design could determine any future client visits. If clients have a positive experience while visiting your website, they are more likely to return for another sales transaction.

The Importance of the Jobs Theory

As part of the video, they presented the philosophy of the “Jobs Theory.” This is the theory that when clients come to a website, they have a job in their mind for the website to do. The job could be “show me your menu” or “show me the type of purse you sell.” When a company’s website doesn’t “do the job” to the customer’s satisfaction, they’re not likely to return.

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