How to Market Your Home Improvement Company

When striving to market your home improvement company, you’re sure to face a lot of hurdles and mishaps throughout your journey. This is especially true for those who are working with a plethora of diverse tradespeople and are eager to promote their services in a fair and engaging way. Therefore, this article will explore a range of home renovation services and give you an abundance of tips and tricks to help you better market your home improvement company.

1. Ensure You Offer a Range of Useful Services

Although there are some merits to promoting a very niche product or service when working to market your home improvement company, it’s advised that you offer as many practical assets as possible. This is because it enables you to cover a lot more bases, giving you the prime opportunity to build up a wide and bustling customer base. Not to mention, by offering an assortment of home renovation services, you also have a better chance of defeating the dynamic competition that surrounds you. As such, you may decide to work alongside a talented custom drywall installer to help you attract customers who are eager to add a bit more stability and style to their homes. Since this material is often used to construct common assets such as walls and ceilings, you have the chance to transform a wealth of homes without having to tap into a very off-beat or unusual market. Plus, Angi explains that the entire drywall installation process costs anywhere between $985 to $3,128 with the national average usually sitting at $2,036. Thus, this is a great service to add to your developing portfolio if you’re looking to gain a lucrative income stream.

2. Keep Up to Date With Contemporary Trends

Interior design is a very personal medium and often presents an array of timeless designs. Even though some of these styles will last a lifetime and will probably look great in just about any type of home, it’s imperative that you also monitor the development of modern design trends. A prime example of this is the introduction of smart home technology, which allows homeowners to control a variety of assets such as lighting and heating, all through a voice-activated device. In turn, if you regard yourself as an up-and-coming home renovation company, it’s good practice to introduce your customers to these ultra-sleek themes. In addition, by showcasing a collection of new design trends, you can better establish your company as a thought leader in its respective field, giving you a lot more credibility within the wider circles of the market. However, since these services are quite pricey, you may be forced to work a lot harder to convince the average homeowner to renovate their property. According to Architectural Digest, the average house remodel usually costs around $18,000, so it’s vital that you show transparency when collaborating with clients who are working to improve their homes on a budget.

3. Promote Premium Insulation Practices

Even those who are trying to market their home improvement company in very hot areas should focus on the importance of high-quality insulation. Not only does insulation help to trap heat within the confines of the house, but it also helps to close up any jarring cracks and gaps so that pesky rodents cannot enter your property. Although foam insulation services are effective for this type of job, you may be better off working with a wholesale windows and doors company. A new set of windows and doors can take just about any property to the next level, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy a warm and cozy environment without having to crank up the heating every winter. Moreover, these assets can make a home look much more attractive, ensuring that owners can increase their curb appeal whilst also enjoying a series of practical benefits. Alongside these benefits, modern windows and doors can be a great incentive for those who want to secure their homes from predators and criminals. As doors age, they tend to become easier to warp and break, putting many owners at risk of a burglary or home invasion. Thus, with a new set of windows and doors, the homeowner can rest assured that the whole family is safe and sound. Market Watch informs us that the average window costs $467 to $1,333 to replace, making this an affordable service for the majority of homeowners.

4. Don’t Forget the Exterior

If you’re determined to market your home improvement company effectively, you may spend a lot of your time wondering how you can elevate the interior of several properties. However, successful home improvement companies also focus on the exterior of the property, ensuring that both elements receive an added boost of TLC. Siding is an integral aspect of any home as it helps to protect the building from rough pieces of debris, extreme weather conditions, as well as standard wear and tear. But, as this asset continues to age, it commonly shows prominent signs of decay and deterioration, making the entire home seem disheveled and down-trodden. Therefore, you’re encouraged to include siding installation in your developing list of services in order to help those who are looking to give their home a complete makeover. This material also comes in an abundance of different styles and themes, such as metal siding and stone siding, making it a valuable resource for those who want to protect the look and feel of their beloved homes for many years to come. Admittedly, some homeowners may see this service as a little over the top, especially since Forbes explains that it can cost around $10 per square foot to install. But, avid home improvement companies must strive to promote this as an essential service, particularly for homeowners who experience frequent hail storms or other intense weather conditions.

5. Give Homeowners the Chance to Expand

There’s no denying that a lot of us have managed to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Despite the fact that many homeowners enjoy viewing these cherished memories when they please, it can leave a lot of property owners struggling to make space for new items. This is particularly aimed at growing families who are finding it difficult to accommodate their new arrival or offer their older children an appropriate sense of privacy or independence. In turn, if you want to market your home improvement company to this type of demographic, consider working alongside a selection of talented masonry contractors. These workers are trained to complete a selection of home building practices from home additions to patio areas. Thus, this is a great service to incorporate into your own home improvement company if you want to attract clients who are eager to give their beloved home a new lease on life. In addition, because these services are so costly, you’re more likely to collaborate with a much more affluent client base. As such, this is a useful note to keep in mind if you’re keen to market your home improvement company as a more luxurious and higher-class establishment. According to Waterproof Caulking, a mason typically charges $40 to $100 per hour for their services, giving home improvement companies a prime chance to elevate their status within the market.

6. Help Owners Remain Comfortable All Year Round

Whether they work to keep us cool during the summer or help us stay warm in the winter, many homeowners would agree that HVAC systems are a lifeline regardless of the time of year. As such, if you’re eager to market your home improvement company to the best of your ability, be sure to include some AC services in your business. HVAC technicians usually start by assessing the overall quality and condition of an AC unit, keeping a close eye out for potential issues and faults. If the problems are minor, the technician will usually apply a quick fix. But, if the AC unit is looking worse for wear, they may encourage the homeowner to purchase an entirely new system. However, Modernize informs us that the average American usually spends $6,423-$11,800 on a new AC unit, so you may have to showcase the financial benefits of buying a new unit to your customer base. Newer models use much less energy than their older counterparts, helping to reduce the homeowner’s utility bill in just a few weeks. Therefore, if you want to give your home improvement company an added edge in the market, consider sharing these cost-effective merits with your client.

7. Give Them Access to Essential Services

Though the vast majority of home improvement companies would prefer to work with clients who are prepared and have some sort of plan in mind, it’s also good practice to offer emergency services to those who may need them most. For example, offering a collection of plumbing repair services can aid those who no longer have access to clean water or heating and need the problem to be resolved as quickly as possible. Plumbers are typically trained in a number of useful trades from drain cleaning to pipe repair, allowing home improvement companies the chance to reap the monetary benefits associated with these talented workers. Moreover, by offering an assortment of emergency services, you also have the chance to attract a new set of customers, something you may not have been able to do if you just maintained the same rigid schedule and portfolio. Small plumbing jobs are usually quite affordable, with Today’s Homeowner explaining that property owners typically pay $180 to $450 for the contractor’s services. Thus, this is a great service to promote to customers as it allows them to gain access to vital resources without worrying about potentially breaking the bank.

8. Prepare Them for the Next Chapter

Some property owners feel completely safe and settled in their forever homes, whereas some view their houses as a stopping point on the way to their next adventure. If you’re working with clients who are looking to renovate their homes before they move, you should also consider pairing them up with a local moving company. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to sell their homes fairly quickly, but still want to remain competitive in their respective property market. Following on from this, working with a reputable moving service can help you market your home improvement company as a fully formed service, striving to help your clients elevate and sell their properties all in one process. Therefore, you can establish yourself as a key figure within the home renovation industry and continue to eliminate the peers who try to defeat you within the market. estimates that the average cost of moving house is around $1,250, so this can also be viewed as an elusive money-making project for growing home improvement companies.

9. Transform the Backyard

Oftentimes, the backyard is seen as a bustling hub of activity and community. However, many homeowners can end up feeling trapped and claustrophobic in this space, especially if they’re surrounded by a selection of looming trees. So, if you’re eager to market your home improvement company to those who want to enjoy every aspect of their exterior, you may also benefit from introducing tree services into your catalog of jobs. These services commonly focus on a number of different tasks, such as removing trees or keeping them maintained so that they don’t seem too overgrown. Although many homeowners may believe that they could complete these tasks themselves, it’s crucial that you promote the safety benefits of this line of work. Lawn Love highlights that tree trimming services usually cost anywhere from $255 to $655, with the average sitting at $420, so this is a relatively cheap service for those looking to transform their garden from drab to fab.

As you continue to market your home improvement company, be sure to offer a wide range of services to your devoted consumer base. Although this can seem very intimidating, especially for small businesses, with the right resources by your side, you can help your company grow from strength to strength. Therefore, if you’re looking for new ways to market your home improvement company, consider using some of the advice and guidance discussed throughout this article.

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