Is AC and Heating Installation a DIY Project?

The video provides the information needed to decide whether AC and heating installation is something an amateur can do on their own. The person presenting this video has chosen a specific AC unit and, though not a professional, may have experience doing this kind of job.

The instructions included in the packaging will state that the unit must be installed by a professional. There is some validity in the claim.

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In many instances, some electrical and duct work must be done to install an HVAC unit. Local laws may also require an installer to get a permit to do this type of work. It is important to review local regulations before taking on this installation as a DIY project.

Before installing the new system, one must get rid of the old system. This is not as simple as ripping out and dumping the old HVAC unit. There will still be some refrigerant in the unit, which must be discarded properly. A professional is required for this job. It is also necessary to verify the dimensions of the new air handler. If they are not the same as the old system, metal and duct work may be needed to make the unit fit.


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