What Happens in the Business Dozens of Steps Before CBD Bottling

The process of making CBD products begins a long time before the product hits the shelf. The compound cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant which is grown by a hemp farmer. Many hemp farmers sell their crops to CBD companies for revenue. Since many of these farmers have no use for the oil that comes from processed hemp, it can then be used to make CBD oil products.

Popular CBD products include hemp oil, hemp candy and gummies, lotions, hair products, extracts, and body creams.

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These products are all made after an initial process of either carbon dioxide processing, hydrocarbon processing, or alcohol processing. Through this process, the hemp can be refined into oil and prepared for CBD bottling. CBD bottling is required for our tinctures, oils, and other liquid products.

Many people enjoy CBD products for their efficiency in pain relief, anxiety treatment, and overall satisfaction all without the hallucinogenic effects of marijuana. Like THC, CBD is one of 113 different types of cannabinoids, according to our research at Casco Bay Hemp. Wholesale CBD products can be found on our website, from tinctures, edibles, and supplements to body products and CBD for pets.

For all of your cannabidiol needs, you can trust our white label CBD services to deliver them right to you. We ship out of Maine to anywhere in the United States. Visit the Casco Bay Hemp website to start shopping for your next CBD products today!

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