Tips for Using Large Format Printing Services

Proper graphic ads offer a clear message and feature excellent high-resolution images. Marketers can create audience-grabbing large format printing using various design strategies. However, they should first learn how screen printing works from this video. Here are tips to facilitate the use of large format printing services.

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Prioritize Vector Images
Ordering prints in vector format guaranteed high-quality images because vectors are computer generated. They utilize different shapes to create visuals instead of split pixels, producing great quality images.
Choose EPS Files
EPS extensions are popular vector file versions ideal for the printing industry. They are great for generating the biggest advertising banners like business signs and stadium signage. They are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and generate high-resolution graphics. Vector file formats don’t rely on pixels for resolution. They operate depending on accurate numerical formulas.
Select Colors Wisely
Beware of the color difference between the letters and the background. Select light colors for the text and vivid but dark colors for the backdrop. This strategy will guarantee excellent readability from a distance. The simpler the ads, the better.
Large format printing services are becoming popular in today’s world.

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