Jason Momoa Stars in Brilliant Commercial

Marketing is a core determinant of success in the business world. You can’t just have a good product/service, you must also convey that value to your target market. This is where commercial video comes in. A commercial video producer will help you make an advertisement that connects with your target market and conveys the value of your product or service. This will lead to more business for you in the end.

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It is like an investment in yourself. In this video, you will see a Super Bowl advertisement that does just this.

Jason Momoa is a popular actor. He stars in a hilariously ironic commercial that promotes Rocket Mortgage. First, by including a celebrity, this advertisement establishes credibility with their audience. during the commercial, Momoa talks about how his home is the one place he can let his guard down. This establishes a connection with the audience who can also relate. Momoa then continues to take off plastic body enhancements to reveal that he has only been a skinny man this whole time. This humor opens up the audience which makes them more susceptible to the marketing. Finally, the advertisement ties in Rocket Mortgage by saying home makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, and Rocket Mortgage makes you feel comfortable financing that home. This is where the value and hook is finally conveyed to the viewer. A well-crafted advertisement such as this will attract you more customers.


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