How Much Do Dentists Get Paid?

If you know someone who is a dentist, you might be wondering how much pay they receive for taking care of dental issues. Well, that would depend on a lot of factors, because not all dentists are created equal.

There are various kinds of dentists practicing different specializations.

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The most common types of dentists are general dentists. You may also have heard about pedodontists or are more popular as pediatric dentists. They specialize in handling dental issues of children.

Another type of dentist is the orthodontist. They specialize in teeth and alignment of the jaw. They make use of wires, retainers, braces, and other devices to do this job.

There are also periodontists. They treat patients and help them in repairing diseases and gum problems. A general dentist will help in the prevention of gum diseases but a periodontist will provide treatment for tissue that has been damaged by progressive gum disease.

There are also endodontists who deal with issues that are particularly troubling the nerve of a tooth. They perform root canals that are necessary when there is decay around the tooth’s nerve. Some more of these dentist specializations are oral pathologists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons.

Basically, you will earn more if you have more specializations. Watch this video to get a better idea of how much a dentist earns.

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