How Can a Digital School Marquee Benefit You

Do you want your school to stand out from among the rest? By having a digital school marquee, it will be a great possibility. But, are you still in doubt about the benefits and advantages that marquee signs can give you?

To give you an idea, did you know that 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if not because of their sign? Businesses, churches, and schools use signage as a means to make their presence known to the community.

Aside from becoming an integral part of the community, there are many advantages that a digital school marquee can give you. We’ve put together this list of the main benefits you’ll enjoy once you’ve switched to an electronic marquee.

1. Community Awareness of School Events

In a recent poll, more than one-third (37%) reported looking at an outdoor advertisement each or most of the time they pass one. If your school has an outdoor LED display, you’ll be able to maintain communication with the community without directly interacting with them.

The school marquee will do it for you, resulting in the community’s better awareness of your educational institution and its various events.

School events such as field trips, school plays, PTA meetings, fundraising events, musicals, open houses, football games, and other sporting events are just some of the examples of school activities that you want to broadcast to the community.

2. Make Your Accomplishments Known To the Community

What better way to show your school’s pride than to broadcast both students’ and teachers’ accomplishments?

Instead of having these triumphs published in the local newspaper or community web portal, you can make it even more special by using a digital marquee. Both students and teachers will be thrilled to see their names on the marquee or even their faces in case of a full-color video model.

Whether it’s a student’s national academic achievement, a victory of the football team, or a staff promotion, this bit of special recognition for their job well done is truly gratifying for them and urges them to continue their hard work.

3. Schedule Reminders and Updates

In this modern world, when most students and teachers are busy on social media and other daily stuff that occupies their minds, it’s vital to make crucial information posted in large, bold, and attention-grabbing letters. Having a digital school marquee is a fantastic way of letting the campus body and the community, as well, know of these essential reminders and updates.

Examples of schedule and calendar updates that call for a digital marquee are enrollment, examination dates, winter, and spring break. The marquee is also useful for relaying emergency information during inclement weather or other risky situations.

In times of holiday celebrations, you can also spread the joy and wish everyone a happy occasion through your school’s digital marquee.

4. Easy To Use and Low Maintenance

Traditional marquee signs, with their time-consuming and tedious way of displaying messages, will soon become a thing of the past. When you use an electronic marquee, it results in a simpler and more organized broadcast of important campus announcements.

You can set messages directly from your desk computer without having to manually change the letters. You can also program it in advance so that the message will appear on a specific schedule. Making changes in the announcement is also dynamic.

Digital marquees are relatively easy to maintain. These signs last for years with minimal downtime. Even for bulb replacements, a LED bulb that’s on for around 12 hours a day can typically last for a decade before they burn out.

5. Cost-Effective

Most educational institutions have a tight budget for campus activities and operations. Therefore, you must choose a marquee sign that will not break the school’s budget.

Because they use LED lights, modern digital marquees last for a long time and consume far less power than a typical illuminated sign that uses traditional bulbs.

By replacing other forms of announcements such as costly flyers, digital signs can save your school money. Plus, it will help increase attendance at your fundraising and other events, resulting in your school making more profit.

Use Digital Signs To Your School’s Advantage

Are you ready to reap the benefits that a digital school sign board can give you? Make the switch and sustain a greater sense of unity and presence in the community.

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