Energy Costs Are Getting Higher And Higher The Power Of The Closed Spray Foam Kit

Energy consumption is just too darn high these days. Everyone’s frustrated!

Businesses keep having to redirects costs that could go to marketing or repairs to their energy bills. Homeowners are tearing their hair out trying to figure out what, exactly, keeps making their monthly investment so high. One way or another, the energy crisis affects us all. Could your closed cell spray foam kits hold the answer? As it turns out, a lot of good can be done with small actions.

The spray foam gun is an eco-friendly and cost-effective model that can help your clients finally start saving money.

Just How Bad Is The Energy Crisis?

It’s time to wrestle this crisis into some statistics we can best approach. According to a 2016 study, the total consumption of energy in the United States was sitting at an astonishing 95 quadrillion BTUs. Following china the United States is also consuming the most energy in the world at 2,270 million metric tons of oil. Add that alongside homes that are outdated and poorly designed…and you have an issue that gets worse by the minute. The spray foam gun is practically a blessing at this point!

Why Are Homeowners Spending Too Much?

Too many homeowners are losing good money against energy bills that don’t seem to make sense. That’s because a lot of energy loss is actually hidden. HVAC employment rates are expected to rise a pretty 15% from 2016 to 2026, an obvious response to the growing epidemic of astronomical energy bills. According to the Department Of Energy, around 55% of the energy used in homes in the country is just for heating and cooling. Your spray foam gun will help get to the root of why homeowners are spending way, way too much.

What About Today’s Businesses?

It’s not just the average American family you’ll be helping out. Businesses also have a lot to gain by your spray foam insulation. The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) has an Energy Star Program dedicated to analyzing energy costs and providing solution. They’ve estimated that adding insulation and properly sealing up air leaks can slash monthly energy bills by 20%. Up to 40% of a building’s energy loss is due to poor air filtration. Imagine what you could be doing for businesses fearing bankruptcy from rising costs.

Are Spray Foam Chemicals Eco-Friendly?

A big question asked by businesses and homeowners is the eco-friendliness of energy conservation methods. The last thing you want to do is provide a new problem in place of an old one! Fortunately for them and you the spray foam gun is incredibly green. Not only is it easy to apply in a short session, it does the dual work of reducing stress on the home. Less temperature loss means less turning to the HVAC…which then translates into money saved and fewer emissions.

How Flexible Are Spray Foam Guns?

Spray foam insulation equipment is highly flexible. You can use it to help patch up businesses from the inside out. You can provide businesses with a little much-needed relief by fixing any air leaks in and around their foundation. You can offer homeowners some useful patch-up jobs to keep their HVAC or furnace from becoming strained. In fact, quite a bit of temperature is lost through cracks in the floor, roof, and door. The combined yearly energy costs of both industrial and commercial American buildings is $400 billion.

Provide homeowners and businesses something to smile about. Use your spray foam gun to do some good this year!

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