Spray foam Rigs 4 Types to Get the Job Done

Spray foam rigs are popular to spray foam businesses and residences. Buildings loose up to 40% of energy due to poor air filtration and over half of the energy that homes and buildings use is for heating and cooling purposes. Increasing energy efficiency in these homes and businesses can save as much as 40 billion dollars. These reasons alone make spray insulation a popular choice. This means that a spray foam insulation rig, a spray foam trailer or any other spray foam machine can offer homeowners and business owners the spray foam insulation solutions that they are seeking. Spray foam can be installed with mobile spray foam rigs to provide consumers with the solutions they seek, but these rigs come in different shapes forms and fashions. Read on to see what types of spray foam rigs are operating to provide consumers with their spray foam needs on the spot.


Box trucks are popular ways to apply spray foam to consumers houses and buildings. The benefit of these trucks means that more foam material can be hauled at one time. Another benefit is that the materials are enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about stacking materials and them falling. The room provided in these trucks allows spray roam rigs to incorporate all of their necessary equipment so that it can be transported in one trip rather than having to take two or more vehicles. The easy transportation means that double coats can also be provided at a cheaper cost to consumers since all materials can be transported with one trip rather than multiple.

Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Mobile spray foam rigs can serve a variety of purposes as well. They not only carry all the necessary materials, but all the tools can be carried in one trip as well. There are many tools needed to perform the job including a compressor, generator and spray machine. These can all be carried in one trip along with the necessary materials needed for the job. Another benefit of mobile spray foam rigs means that there is usually ample room to service equipment which may break down on the job. This means equipment can be fixed and back up and running without having to bring in back up equipment in a different vehicle.

Compact Vehicle Units

These vehicles have become popular for a variety of reasons. Everything that can be carried on a trailer can be hauled in these vehicles with half of the room. Technology allows all components that need to be used to be ran with the use of the truck. This helps provide one vehicle for a job and ensure that the job can be completed in a reasonable amount of time without the need for multiple vehicles. Flexible equipment provided with these units ensures that multiple functions can be accomplished with fewer large machines.

Tow Behind Trailers

These trailers are designed to be pulled by a truck in order to hold all necessary equipment needed for the job. Sizes vary depending on the job size and how much equipment is needed. Using these trailers help to control costs associated with certain jobs. Some larger jobs require larger equipment which simply can’t be hauled in other spray foam rigs, therefore a tow behind trailer is the only feasible option for these jobs. The downside to these trailers is the the larger equipment with larger trailers usually require a vehicle with a high towing capacity.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to spray foam rigs and all of them have specific advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which spray foam rig best suits the needs of the job can help spare some unnecessary costs associated with the job. Choose the smallest option possible, which incorporates everything needed for the job and provides all necessary equipment in just one trip. Knowing exactly what the job entails helps determine the size of the vehicle needed to complete the job.

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