How To Protect Your Back In An Office Setting

If you work in an office, it’s true that your job is not likely to be a physically strenuous one. But this does not mean that you won’t find yourself uncomfortable, as desk jobs can lead to a number of health concerns for their very lack of movement and often unhealthy sitting positions. In fact, the NRC (the National Research Counsel) has found a number of links between working a desk job and a number of musculoskeletal disorders. In the year of 2001, nearly twenty years ago at this point, there were more than one million people suffering from such musculoskeletal disorders all throughout the United States. And not only did this impede the quality of life of those who worked through and lived with such often painful conditions, but it cost companies a large sum of money as well in lost time from work, as people with musculoskeletal disorders were more likely to need to take time off to deal with this chronic condition, from doctor’s appointments to physical therapy and other methods of treatment that can result in time missed from work. The number lost to businesses and companies cost nearly fifty five billion in just that one year. In the nearly twenty years – nearly two full decades – that have transpired since, musculoskeletal problems have only become more pronounced among office workers, and can be hugely difficult to work around.

Fortunately, there are steps that the average office worker can take to prevent their risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder and reduce their pain levels if they already currently have one. For starters, getting a new chair is likely to be at least part of the solution. Office chairs, often cheaply made of plastic, which became a popular material for seating in the 1960s, are typically uncomfortable and even painful if sat in for long periods of time as the typical office worker will do during the typical work week. Switching from your standard issue plastic chair to a much more comfortable chair can have a hugely positive impact on not only the health of your back, but even on the quality of your life as a whole, reducing your pain and giving you more comfort for the most of the day that you spend in the office.

If you can’t procure a new chair (or in addition to one), consider purchasing clear office chair mats. Clear office chair mats are certainly a small change to make, but they are one that can greatly improve your overall comfort at work. Clear office chair mats are likely to come in a number of different varieties, from the double lick thick chair mat to the carpet chair mat. It all depends on your own personal preference and what makes you in particular feel the most comfortable. When it comes to the office desk floor mat, some people will even prefer vinyl chair mats instead of clear office chair mats made of a more cushy material such as carpet. The office desk floor mat is a relatively low budget way to make yourself more comfortable at work, and can even help to make an impersonal desk or cubicle feel more homey, if not like a home. It is also easy to move, if you are planning on looking for another job at some point in the future, and can be simply transported from office to home to office (or wherever you may choose to bring it) with very little effort.

Back pain and other musculoskeletal problems are becoming more and more of a problem among office workers with each passing year. Much of this can be attributed to the poor spine health of many of such people, which can be blamed on the quality of chair that they are using. If you have the funds, getting a brand new and high quality office chair might be the solution. Unfortunately, this is not likely to be a hugely available option for everyone who works in an office for a number of reasons. Instead, getting clear office chair mats becomes a possibility and can be hugely positive for your health and comfort. Clear office chair mats can even improve quality of life.

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