Different Screws and Custom Small Parts

Different Screws and Custom Small Parts

There are many screws that go unappreciated: big ones securing plane parts, small ones holding cell phones together, or tiny ones securing smartwatches. No matter what size, many things we rely on today are held together by a bunch of screws. The concept of the screw dates back to around 200 B.C. Since then, the screw has grown to support almost every part of life today.

The U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry employ 131,949 people and the revenue of screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing in the U.S. reached $30 billion in 2017. It’s a continually growing industry. With custom screw options or access to a custom small screw specialist, the screw industry is expanding to meet the needs of people worldwide.

The Not So Common Screw Types

A screw isn’t one size fits all. There are different screws with different screw point types. It is important to understand which screw is best for the job. According to Grainger, The style of a screw directly determines its function. This includes the type of material the screw is made from, the style of the screw itself and more. According to Grainger, the three most common screws are sheet metal, drywall, and wood screws. But screws don’t stop there, there dozens of other screws like small metal forming screws, SEMS, and Hi-lo screws that may not be common in every household but are being used in industries all over the world.

Small metal forming screws, also known as thread cutting screws are self-tapping screws. According to Fastenal, they create threads in pre-existing holes in metal and are often used as fasteners in items that need frequent maintenance. These screws are used most often with wood and metal. A thread cutting screw can have different point types. According to Elgin Fasteners, there are five different point styles: Type 1, 17, 23, 25, F.

Hi-lo screws have a reduced minor diameter and therefore displace less plastic material and minimize stress. These screws have a double lead high and low thread with the high thread having a 30-degree thread form that further minimizes material displacement while providing positive thread engagement.

SEMS screws combine two separate parts into one pre-assembled, low-cost fastener. With washers under the head, SEMS screws are fast, permanent, and easily adaptable to many applications.

Make your Own Custom Small Parts

In some cases, there isn’t a screw to meet every need. Despite the many types, manufacturers, engineers, and businesses occasionally need something more specific or special to meet their needs. There are companies who specialize in screws, nuts, bolts or fasteners who are able to build a customer screw or custom screw sets just for you. Mini CNC Parts is a company headquartered in Seattle that specializes in custom small parts. These small parts support medical, industrial, aerospace and consumer needs by allowing you to send a photo of the kind of screw you need. If you’re in need of custom screw set or fasteners, small metal forming screws, or any custom small parts, consider Mini CNC Parts or Customer Fasteners as they specialize in many different small custom parts.

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