Comparing Modular and Site Built Construction

School administrators often need to expand the amount of classroom their schools contain. It’s important that students have access to safe classrooms in order to learn a wide range of subjects. You’ll typically have two choices while expanding your school which is either site built or modular construction. It’s important to note how these structures differ while looking at several important concerns. In this post, you’ll learn the main differences between utilizing modular and site built construction.

Understanding Site Built and Modular Construction

Site built construction involves building happening directly at your school. On the other hand, modular buildings, also known as portable cabins, are already built and shipped to you. There are many portable cabins and buildings that are already built but not in use. Many schools find that setting aside time and space for traditional construction is nearly impossible to do. However, you won’t need to have crews at your school for weeks or months while ordering modular buildings.

Time Concerns

Schools throughout the United States often have to deal with overcrowding issues. With that in mind, these schools often choose portable buildings for their incredibly fast completion time. In fact, statistics show that modular construction can be completed nearly 40% faster than site built structures. Therefore, school portables are often wiser choices for schools that need to expand usable space quickly. One study found that 35% of those surveyed chose portable buildings for the speed at which they were delivered.

Needing a Low Cost Solution

Another concern many schools face have to do with their budgets. Schools across the nation have to deal with budgets that don’t often allow for extensive site built construction. Considering that, portable buildings are often the preferred solution for schools. In fact, statistics show that the initial cost of school portables was found to be anywhere between 36 to 77% lower than the cost of site built classrooms. Therefore, modular buildings are wise for schools dealing with small budgets.

Versatility is Important

You might think that site built construction offers more versatility than school portables. However, many are surprised at the amount of versatility you’ll have with modular buildings. Many companies often choose portable cabins or buildings for their versatility. These portable buildings can often include features that a standard classroom would need.

To summarize, there are several differences between modular and site built construction. Many schools need to have construction projects completed as fast as possible. Therefore, modular buildings are great solutions for schools needing to expand while facing time concerns. Another concern schools deal with have to do with costs, making modular construction a popular choice. It’s also important that schools are able to have versatile structures when it’s time to expand. If your school is facing any of the previously mentioned concerns or restraints, you’ll definitely want to consider modular buildings.

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