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With 90% recycled content, steel is the most recycled material on the planet. In a time when many people are concerned about the sustainability of the materials that both individuals and large corporations use, it should come as no surprise that an entire industry is built around the reuse and rebuilding of many products, including gearbox repair and renewal.
Economic reports from the last five years further support the fact that the steel industry is a large contributor in the American world of finance and investment. For instance, in the year 2010 alone the U.S. exported industrial machines to the value of $42.7 billion. Two years later, machinery manufacturing shipments totaled $407.4 billion, an amount that is equivalent to 7.1% of all manufacturing shipments in 2012.
The supporting industries that make products from this steel are varied, ranging in everything from on site machining services to an entire field of scientists who create tests to measure both reliability and durability, including vibration analysis services and other kinds of analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment. Although there are many areas, you can learn and understand much about the entire steel industry by looking at the specifics of of the gearbox repair and renewal platform.

  • Steel is not only a vital material for the functioning of the modern day world, but it is also an industry that directly keeps employed 2 to 3 million people around the world, with another 6 million people in supporting roles.
  • Four of the more common warning signs of gearbox problems are vibration, fluid leaks, excessive noise, and oil contamination. These warning signs may be a result of electric fluting, leaky seals, or bearing failure.
  • $43.9 billion in shipments were manufactured by the combined construction machinery, farm machinery and equipment, and mining and oil and gas field machinery industries.
  • Of the $43.9 billion, machinery manufacturing created the most revenue with 11% of all machinery shipments.
  • Of the $439 billion in shipments, $38.3 billion, or 9%, was generated by the farm machinery and equipment industry.
  • Of the $439 billion in shipments, $32.7 billion, 8%, was generated by the mining and oil and gas field machinery industries.

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