Three Benefits of Donating Items to Charity

Donations of clothing

Making charity clothing donations is one way that individuals can help others in their community without having to spend money. It also offers them the opportunity to clean out their closet, and make room for things they would actually like. It is helpful for the environment as well, since it effectively recycles items that are no longer wanted without having to throw them into a landfill. Most Americans toss out over 10 million tons of clothing items every year, so it pays to give to others. Here are three ways that making charity clothing donations can help individuals and their community.

Making Charity Clothing Donations Means Less Overall Waste

When someone choose to making a clothing donation, that means they are helping the environment. Instead of tossing items into already overstuffed landfills, they are effectively recycling these items, and allowing them to be worn and used until they no longer have any wear left in them. By doing so, this means there is less waste to be thrown away over time. It also means that someone else can benefit from a gently used item, since they do not have to go out and buy new, thus creating more demand for brand new items to be created.

Donors Find That They Are Able to Let Go of Items They Were Not Using Anyway and Allow Someone Else to Benefit
Donors often find that by giving to someone else, they are able to create more room in their closet and drawer space for items they actually want, rather than keeping things they no longer have an interest in wearing. Although less than 25% of Americans donate their used clothing, over 40% of clothes that are recycled can be worn as secondhand items. Sometimes these donations can be used for helping families in need, giving them the opportunity to get the items they need without spending a great deal of money buying something brand new. When individuals make used clothing donations, they find they have more room to have the clothing they actually want to use and wear, as opposed to something they no longer get any use out of.

Many Different Charities Accept Clothing Donations, Making it Quick and Easy to Get Rid of Old Clothes

Some people do not want to go very far to drop off their donations, which is understandable. Many different local and national charities have clothing drop off in busy areas, such as near grocery stores or other places, where people can go to drop off their charity clothing donations. This means they do not have to make a special trip in order to donate, and they can feel good, knowing they are cleaning out their home, while giving to someone else at the same time.

Those who choose to help with clothes donations can get rid of items quickly through a clothing drop off, which many charities offer. They can recycle items that they otherwise would not have used, by giving them to someone else. This means less waste, which is better for the environment, and can help the community as it serves families in need.

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