Three Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Statement Processing Service

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Have you thought of you using a print and mail service for your business’s statement processing? There are a lot of advantages to outsourcing your statement printing and mailing to a third party: It costs a lot less upfront to use a print and mail service than to acquire the equipment and technology to do it in-house. Cyber security is one of the greatest threats of our age, and (if selected carefully), using a third-party print and mail service allows you to utilize the greatest security measures to keep your clients’ data safe, without having to personally stay on the bleeding edge of cyber security. Off-loading the tedious operations of creating statements to a statement print and mail service frees up your staff and resources to focus on more strategically-focused growth-oriented efforts.

Whatever the reason (or reasons) that you are considering using a third-party to process your monthly statements, you should be taking your decision extremely seriously. It goes without saying that not all statement processing companies are created equal. If the quality and accuracy of your statements is poor, your clients aren’t going to think, “this company is great but their statement printing service could improve.” Your statements are a reflection of your company, and your clients will lose confidence in the product or service that you offer.

To help ensure that you select the best print and mail service for your business, we’ve put together a checklist of things to make sure you consider:

Three Important Factors While Choosing a Statement Print and Mail Service

  1. On a scale of one to ten, how does their customer service rank?

    Even if you have a small operation, and the business you offer your printing service is just a drop in the bucket, you need to be treated like their highest priority. Your statements are your source of income. That’s your bread and butter. If something went wrong with your statement production, your bread and butter is in jeopardy. The last thing in the world you need if you have a question or concern with the service you’re receiving is to be stuck on hold with a 1-800 number somewhere overseas with an account rep who has no vested interest in your success.

    What to look for: Before you choose a print mailing service, make sure you are going to have access to a personal account rep who knows you and your business and is responsible for your satisfaction. This not only ensures you have a number to reach a live voice who cares about your success, when their job is on the line, it gives them a reason to ensure great quality statement production.

  2. What measure do they take to ensure security?

    Your statement production involves sensitive information that belongs to your clients. At a minimum, your printing service will have their names and addresses. They will likely have payment information. They might have sensitive information such as social security numbers or health information. It is your printing service’s responsibility to ensure their information is protected, but it is your responsibility to ensure the service you use is equipped to do that.

    What to look for: Before selecting a statement printing and mailing service, make sure you ask what measures are taken to ensure security. You want to hear a long list of best practices for security. If the representative you talk to doesn’t offer specifics for protecting your customer’s data, keep looking.

  3. How current is the technology used for statement processing?

    Having access to the newest technology for statement processing is one of the biggest advantages to using a statement processing service. If the service you use is stuck in 1989, it impacts the quality of the statements, the efficiency of it, and ultimately the price you have to pay for their service.

    What to look for: When reviewing statement printing services, ask about the technology used to produce your statements. You want to hear that the software and equipment used is not only the latest and greatest, you want to hear the printers strategy for staying current in a constantly evolving industry.

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