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There are many terrific ways of helping disabled veterans. Among the best ways for the average person to provide assistance for veterans who are in need is through wounded veterans charities, or any charity that accepts donations to veterans.

It is estimated that, compared to 20 years ago, a typical American buys at least twice as much clothing now as they did back then. It seems as though this fact would constitute a greater amount of used clothing donations as well. However, according to statistics, people only donate about 15% of the clothing they do not wear anymore. The fact is, much more used clothing ends up in landfills than is used in helping military families, or helping families in need. In fact, 10.5 million tons of clothes are sent to landfills each year in the United States.

The best charities to donate to include all charities representing those in need. Clothing and household items are always needed by charity organizations focused on the daily needs of other people. Donations for veterans are particularly close to the hearts of many, as most people have a family member or close friend who has served in the military. And helping disabled veterans is certainly a worthwhile cause!

There are many different organizations available to take donations for disabled veterans. The services they provide often extend beyond clothing and household donations to include assistance with the benefits they are entitled to, in addition to job search assistance and more. Many of these organizations provide a pick up service for the convenience of those who wish to make donations. Finding out about this service can be done by checking their websites or calling to inquire how often, and when, they will pick up clothing donations.

Monetary donations are accepted by many charitable foundations for disabled veterans. These are used for many purposes toward the betterment of the lives of wounded vets and their families. There are organizations that will offer emergency financial help in cases of sudden household hardships to aid in enabling the veteran and his or her family to get back up on their feet. Unfortunately, often times the benefits due these men and women and their families are slow in coming or hit a snag along the way. In these cases, there are charities to which they can turn for help.

Veterans who are returning to civilian life often need more assistance than they expect to, in ways that were also unexpected. Whether returning home wounded or disabled, or returning home with no visible scars, there is always, always a readjustment period that is often quite difficult. Charitable organizations generally focus on not only helping disabled veterans, but all veterans, in order to make that adjustment as stress free as possible. There are often many needs to be met, especially for those who are not able to work, or are having trouble finding a job. Those needs can range from job search assistance, to monetary assistance, to housing, to medical assistance, and more.

There are also services that assist in preventing eviction, and even finding shelter if necessary. In addition, searching for a job and getting to work every day can be quite difficult without a primary vehicle, as well as the other necessities that are met by having a car. If the car breaks down and there are no finances for repairs, a whole new string of problems is created. Some charitable services will use monetary donations to help take this burden off of the veteran and enable him or her to concentrate on moving forward. While a veteran is unable to work, or while searching for work, organizations will often assist with making sure there is adequate heat and electricity in the home, as well as food on the table. All this in addition to donations of clothing, clean, well cared for and in the right sizes, as well as household item donations.

The fact is, in many cases of returning veterans, there are returnees unable to help themselves due to injury or illness sustained while serving their country. Helping disabled veterans entails much more than meets the eye, and every donation, no matter how small it seems, will help put a smile on someone’s face.

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