Are You Looking for a Cleaning Service to Help You Keep Your Office Looking Great?

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Every other Tuesday is a busy morning at your house. As your husband gets off to work and your high school sophomore daughter is dropped off, you rush around the house picking up. If things have not gotten too messy during the previous two weeks,you may even have time to tackle another problem area in your home. If not, you are satisfied with your efforts to get all of the clean clothes out of the laundry room and into their appropriate spots. You also make sure that you clean off the kitchen counter and declutter any of the other locations where your family is known to leave any matter of items, including papers from school, coupons from the family’s favorite stores and restaurants, and mail from the week.
The Tuesday morning frenzy can be a little crazy, but they are worth the time. By 9:00 am a local cleaning service comes in and does a very thorough job of cleaning the house. The bathrooms get a lot of attention, the whole house, including the stairs, are vacuumed and dusted, and the wood floors are swept and then wet mopped. While the cleaning service is working on the first and second floors, you typically spent your time in the unfinished basement. You always joke that one of the reasons that the rest of your house can seem so clean and organized is that you have the basement to use as a major catchall. The basement is where you do your quilting, where your daughter works on any of her craft projects for school, where you store all of the things that you are not really ready to get rid of, but no longer have a place on the other two floors of the house.
Some day you hope that the basement will be finished and you can add this space to the list of the places where the cleaning service works. For now, however, you are able to slowly work your way through quilting and scrapbooking projects without making a mess upstairs. So, while the frenzy of Tuesday morning can get a little crazy, the results are worth the chaos. Nothing is quite like walking into a home that has just been professionally addressed by a cleaning services company.
When Was the Last Time Your Home Was Cleaned from Top to Bottom?
Whether you are looking for an individual cleaner for your own home or professional janitorial services for a large office complex, it is important to hire someone who is both thorough and trustworthy. consider some of these facts and figures about the messy areas of our lives and the efforts that we take to create a clean and healthy environment:

  • 33% of respondents indicate that they believe their keyboard and phone are the dirtiest items in their office.
  • 10% of respondents indicate that they clean their keyboard and phone often.
  • 100% of workers indicate that they are concerned with catching a virus at work.
  • 400 times more bacteria are on a dirty desk than a typical toilet seat.
  • 88% of adults indicate that they would not exercise in a gym or athletic facility if they found it to have cleanliness issues, according to a study by Harrison Interactive.
  • 72% of adults indicate they will not exercise in gyms with unpleasant odors.
  • 84% of health club members indicate that they perceive their club to be clean.
  • 90% of consumers who indicate that they perceive their health club as extremely clean also indicate that they are likely to renew their membership.
  • Indoor air pollution levels can be as much as 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This elevated level is attributed to chemicals fumes from traditional cleaning products. As a result, more and more cleaning services are switching to green cleaning products.
  • 17,000 petrochemicals are available for home and office cleaning use.
  • Only 30% of of the petrochemicals are available for home and office cleaning use have been tested for exposure to human health and the environment.

Having a clean home and office is important. As many people look at hiring professional cleaning and janitorial services looking for companies who use environmentally friendly products.

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