Six Reasons Renting a Temporary Office is Worth the Money

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Are you part of the 69% of American entrepreneurs who run their business out of their home? When you’re just getting your business off the the ground, every dollar you have to spend matters. In order to cut costs, you might have creative and unique office solutions, including using your kitchen table and your garage to conduct business. However, many small business owners find that renting part-time or temporary office space not only fits into their snug operating budget, it helps them do their job better and makes them more money in the end.

If you are on the fence about trying to fit temporary office space into your tiny business’s operating budget, here are six reasons to add to the “pro” list:

  1. To gain a professional reputation.

    When you want to be taken seriously by your clients, conducting meetings from the living room couch sets you back the the “professional appearance” department. Renting temporary office space to meet with clients, so that they know you mean business, does a great deal to help you gain a professional appearance and loyal clientele. You will find that most temporary office space provide fully furnished offices, so that walking in and conducting a meeting is as easy as…walking in and conducting a meeting.

  2. To increase your own productivity.

    When you’re a small business owner, you don’t get a paycheck whether you’re working hard or surfing Facebook; you only get paid when you produce work. When you are at home, there are a million different distractions. You could watch TV. You could go clean the bathroom. You have a great comfortable bed that you could take a nap on! Getting away from it all and sitting at a desk in a temporary office space helps you turbocharge your attention span and get work done, which makes you more money than the rent sets you back.

  3. It gives you access to technological equipment.

    Chances are, it is not in your small business’s budget, nor is it worth the money, to set up full-scale virtual office solutions for yourself. When you need professional video-teleconferencing equipment to meet with out-of-state or international clients once a month, it’s not worth the investment to buy your own virtual office setup. Finding temporary office space that is already equipped with everything Cisco has to offer is a simple solution that saves your business far more money than a cost you.

  4. To be part of the professional community.
    When you spend your whole day working from your desk at home alone, you start to feel isolated, like you’re in a vacuum. Not only is that hard on your psyche and productivity, it limits your chances to network and make valuable professional contacts. Getting into a flexible or temporary office space on a part-time basis gets you out of your pajamas and into the business world, which keeps you connected with the world and in better spirits.

  5. To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Many small business owners find that when they’re working from their kitchen table, it is irresistible to raid the fridge all day long. On the other hand, when you have a professional business space to you conduct your work from, it gets you out of bed, and dressed and ready for the day earlier. It gets you exercising while you commute to and from your office. It keeps you away from instant access to the refrigerator. Many entrepreneurs find it is easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they have an office space away from their home.

  6. To have all the perks of a fully furnished office at your fingertips.

    Most part-time, virtual, or temporary office spaces are stocked with office necessities that you don’t have to think about. When your client asks for a cup of coffee. When you need a stapler or paperclip. When you need to fax something. These are things you might or might not have at home, but they are generally provided in a temporary office space. Having access to all the little things available when you need them adds to your convenience and saves you time and money.

Do you use a temporary office space? We want to hear all about it in the comments!

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