Get a Clean Sweep With a Street Sweeping Service

Dc sweeping service

Though rains will wash away dirt and other debris from roads and streets, you can’t count on the rain. The only way to keep streets clean consistently is to use a street sweeping service.

Most cities of any size have their own street sweeper or fleet of street sweeper trucks and they take care of their streets with regular cleaning. Not only do street sweepers clean streets, they also can pick up paper, leaves and other debris. Though street sweeping may look like purely a cosmetic activity, it actually serves a serious purpose. Debris on streets can clog storm sewers and drains, so regular street sweeping can prevent this from happening.

If you live in a small town or rural area that doesn’t have street sweeping or if you own a large piece of private property that can benefit from street sweeping, such as a parking lot, you may have to hire a street sweeping service. Many people won’t even consider going into a business if the parking lot looks dirty and has a lot of debris in it.

Street sweeping isn’t a lucrative enough business to do on its own, so most companies that offer it do so as an ancillary service to other road maintenance services. There are thousands of road maintenance companies in the U.S., so there are plenty of companies that offer private street sweeping services and parking lot cleaning services. Some companies also may rent out street sweepers that you can use to do your own work.

Keep in mind that whether you hire a street sweeping service or rent a street sweeping machine to do the job yourself, it will be expensive. That has to do with the cost of the equipment as well as the fact that it is such a specialized service that isn’t requested very often.

One good solution to deal with the cost of private street sweeping is to share the cost with your neighbors, whether it’s several homeowners on a private road or several neighboring businesses who all need their parking lots cleaned.

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