Worried About Credit Card Fraud? Keep These Facts in Mind

Secure payment system

Not surprisingly, many people are worried about the security of the credit card payment services they use. And these days, people are using their cards more than ever — both online, and in person. Every 30 seconds, global e-commerce sales alone add up to $1.2 million. It?s safe to say that it?s a card-friendly world.

But still, about 60% of consumers worry about credit card fraud while shopping online. And not surprisingly, when consumers are worried about how secure their information is, they?re not as likely to hand over that information and risk opening themselves — and their accounts — to fraud.

Are you worried about credit card fraud? You?re not alone. But here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Get a New Card With a Chip

It used to be that chip cards, or cards with EMV technology, were only popularly used in Europe. However, U.S. credit card agencies have been encouraging a shift in this approach. Why? EMV cards are more secure and discourage fraud. If your bank hasn?t already issued you a chip card, you might be able to request one. They can work just like a regular card but come with added protection for merchants who have the correct card reader. CBS also points out that they can help offer some protection from remote skimming as well (when passerby use RFID readers and ?skim? information from your credit card — just by passing by you!).

Look for Websites That Use Reputable Payment Gateway Services

Have you ever noticed at the top of a website how a URL may start with HTTP or HTTPS? At a very basic level, this describes the level of security. HTTPS describes a secure communication and transmission of consumers? personal information. Websites without this SSL — Secured Socket Layer certificate — should be avoided, since this means they lack a secure credit card gateway system and your information is going to be less secure.

Pay With a Credit Card

In most cases, credit card companies are on the side of the consumer. They want to be — since they get a percentage of every transaction, it benefits them that you keep wanting to use their card! For this reason, it?s a much better choice to pay with your credit card than directly out of your bank account. If your card information is ever stolen and someone racks up $2,000 in online purchases, most credit cards will just charge you a small amount ($50) and waive the rest. When thieves pull money directly out of your bank, it?s often harder to get your savings back.

Card protection is important, today more than ever. Keep these tips and facts in mind and your card should be good to go — no matter what you buy!

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