Talking Business How Outsourcing Your Human Resource Department is a Good Idea

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The heart and soul of any business are the individuals behind it. The human resource is one that cannot be replaced; unfortunately, this leaves many businesses dependent upon their employees who can effectively make or break a business. On paper a candidate may seem like an ideal employee, but there is no way of determining whether or not a hire will be favorable or not until they begin working it seems. With so much riding on the shoulders of employees, many companies are looking for better ways to recruit and keep employees by increasing their talent acquisition management resources.

Good Help Can Be Hard to Find

Over a third of small and mid-sized business CEOs surveyed stated that staffing was their number one concern due to the essential role employees take in their companies. Half of today’s organizations feel that employee retention is a major hurdle for the development of their brand with around 22% of all new hires leaving their jobs within 45 days of taking the position — reasons include poor performance, temperament issues, and an inability to reflect what is on their resumes. Employee turnover can cost a company between 30% to 150% of the employee’s salary; hiring an employee is a literal investment into the success and longevity of the company which is why business leaders see hiring and retention as such a major issue.

The Need for Effective Human Resource Staffing

Investing in your company’s HR executive search capabilities is a good way to help ensure that employees hired in will work well and want to stay with your company. A survey done by Jobvite, a recruiting software company, found that up to 53% of today’s employed workers are open to new job prospects even if they are not actively looking; offering competitive wages, comprehensive benefits packages, and constructing a healthy work environment are all ways to help ensure that employees are satisfied and stay loyal to your company. Launching some kind of employee recognition program may seem superficial to some, but up to 86% of companies that have done so saw a 86% increase in worker happiness overall which constitutes to a higher employee retention rate. Another addition to your human resource department could be the introduction of an on-boarding program to help get new employees situated within their work environment; not only will this kind of program help to communicate your company’s goals, philosophy, and atmosphere to new employees, studies also show that new hires that underwent an on-boarding program were 58% more likely to stick with that company three years down the line. By investing in your human resource department’s assets, businesses can see a complete revitalization from the ground up.

The Benefit of Professional HR Executive Search Firms

When it comes to human resource staffing however, many companies run into the same problem of finding dedicated employees who are willing to stick with a company as it grows. Outsourcing to a HR executive search firm may be the best option for businesses. A HR executive search service can help business develop their human resources through proven methods adopted by some of today’s most successful companies. Quality human resource outsourcing leads to improved employee retention rates, more comprehensive and competitive benefits, and professional, custom-tailored training procedures. These HR executive search companies specialize in finding qualified candidates that are looking to make a place for themselves in your business’ industry: with these firms there is no need to look for another candidate as they will be coming to your business. Outsourcing is becoming one of the most effective strategies for growing businesses as human resources, payment processing, and marketing firms free businesses to focus on whatever business they specialize in.

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