Fighting the Fire How to Ensure that Your Business is Able to Detect, Contain, and Suppress Fires Better

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Fire has the potential to give light, warmth, and security, but it likewise has the potential to burn, harm, and destroy in equal measure. Fire departments in the United States respond to thousands of structure fires across the country in large buildings such as hospitals, hotels, and offices; these are some of the property classes that make up nearly half of high-rise fires. Every year there are 15 deaths and 150 injuries reported from hotel and motel fires which resulted in property losses totaling $76 million. Detecting, containing, and suppressing fires with up-to-date fire protection systems can save more than just property in the long run: it could save someone’s life.

Fire Detection

Many businesses take measures to ensure that their buildings are outfitted with fire detection systems. In many cases, fire detection systems are able to alert occupants with 10 or 15 minutes before the fire breaks out; not only does this help to keep people safe, fire detection also helps to alert the fire department and minimize loses. Experts suggest that fire departments respond within 3 minutes of a fire if there is some form of fire detection present. Ensuring that building occupants have some kind of clear evacuation route is essential; unfortunately only around 35% of businesses have any kind of fire evacuation plan. Ensure that your business is prepared for whatever life throws at it; ensure that you have taken the proper measures to keep people and your business safer.

Fire Protection

Fire suppression systems effectively contain and limit the spread of fires. Regular fire sprinkler inspections are crucial to ensure that your fire suppression system is operational; having fire sprinkler inspections done at least once a year if not more frequently. In some cases, fire sprinkler inspections can help determine where businesses ought to improve their suppression capabilities. When properly maintained, sprinklers were found to operate in 91% of all fires large enough to activate them; the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a building where sprinklers were activated. Taking measures to ensure that your fire suppression system is operational could be the difference between life and death — take no chances when it comes to a fire.

Creating a Safer Environment

For those looking to improve their detection and suppression capabilities, it may be best to look towards fire alarm contractors. Since every business is different, there may be different kinds of fire risks in a given building that could go overlooked otherwise — professional fire suppression contractors are able to create a comprehensive fire safety plan for any building. Many fire alarm systems are paired with quick response sprinklers that have the capacity to release anywhere from eight to 24 gallons of water per minute, nearly a quarter of the capacity of an average fire hose. Combining quick response sprinklers with early warning fire alarm systems has proven to be the most effective preventative measures one can take, reducing overall injury, loss of life, and property damage by at least 50% according to some statistics. Putting the safety of occupants first is a priority, contact fire contractors to have an evaluation and see which areas of your business is most vulnerable.

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