3 Beautiful Affordable Cremation Urns to Memorialize a Loved One

Have you ever thought about what should happen to your body after you die? It’s best to let your loved ones know now if you prefer to be buried or to be cremated. You can contact care funeral and cremation specialists to pre-arrange and pre-pay for your cremation.

Complete cremation packages usually include memorial services, funerals, preparing the body, the cremation itself, and the urn. You can also choose not to pay for any memorial service or funeral. Some expenses like flowers are not covered, for example, since the price of flowers fluctuates so much. You can also choose to have the ashes and urns buried.

The average cost to bury ashes depends if a private or public cemetery is used. Even though ashes take up less room than a casket, plots still need to be purchased. Plots in public cemeteries range from $350 to $500. Plots in private cemeteries range from $1,000 to $2,500. There will also be additional costs for a headstone and maintenance of the burial plot.

After pre-paying for final arrangements, make sure your loved ones know where the papers are from the funeral home that will do the services. Keep a copy with your will or other important papers so your loved ones can find them when you pass away.


The death process is a difficult and stressful time for the vast majority of humans. Everyone deals with death and mourning differently, but at the end of the day most people are just looking for closure and a way to remember the ones they loved so dearly during their time on this planet. Since ancient times there have been funerals, burials, cremations, and many other ways in which societies have chosen to memorialize family members and friends.

Cremations are one of those ways that many people have taken an interest in recently. It’s nothing new as cremation has been around since the days of the Roman Empire, between 27 B.C. to 395 A.D., and today more and more people are realizing this amazing and beautiful way to store and celebrate loved ones.

One of the reasons for this new interest is the plethora of different affordable cremation urns for ashes and ash keepsakes that have flooded the market. Instead of having only generic burial urns, you can now choose from many beautiful and affordable cremation urns that are more keepsakes for ashes than simply holding reserves. Here are five examples of affordable cremation urns you might be interested in checking out for you or someone you love.

  1. Elite Radiance Cremation Keepsake: This black and gold-trim brass cremation urn is elegant and classy, with something of an Egyptian floral design look. If affordable cremation urns with a little class are what you’re looking for you can find this online for under $20!
  1. Cloisonne Blush Cremation Keepsake Heart: For a truly radiant option this heart-shaped urn is adorned with a pink Asian flower design. By definition, Cloisonne is a sophisticated, handcrafted art form so this will be on the more expensive end of affordable cremation urns, but still can be found for under $100. Compare that to the average burial funeral cost of $10,000 though and it’s still an infinitely more affordable option.
  1. Back to Nature Aspen Heart Keepsake: Another hearth-shaped box, this urn features a gray color and aspen leaf accent that provide for a more natural, subtle elegance.

In addition to the fact that you will have an urn and the person’s remnants inside forever to view and enjoy, you’ll also be helping the environment. Approximately one million tons of steel caskets are buried in America each year and do not degrade.

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