Shipping Container Offices? So Hot Right Now — Four Reasons to Move to a Mobile Office Container

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The Tiny House movement has sparked an interest in using resources wisely. Creative home-owners can use recycled materials to make affordable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing houses that are also environmentally friendly. This movement values reusable materials for building — like used steel shipping containers — to create living spaces.

Now, the best tiny houses focus on building homes that match their surroundings and the needs of the home-owner, but have you ever thought of applying the same principals to your business?

Tiny house devotees are proud of their homes made of used shipping containers because they are designed to reflect their personal values. Here are four reasons ways used shipping containers could help your business’s brand stand out

  1. Used Shipping Containers are Economical
    Part of the benefit of the “reuse-reduce-recylce” mantra is that it’s cheap. By the time you finish reading this article, 20 million steel storage containers will start their trip across the world. Not all companies are able to reuse their containers again, which means that there are always used steel storage containers for sale. A cargo container office will allow you to focus more revenue on staff and product investment rather than on rent and overhead expenses and smart customers will value your focus on product.

  2. Used Shipping Containers Make you Mobile Ready
    Of course, shipping containers are portable! If your business is a pop-up or seasonal company, a steel shipping container offers the flexibility to move your business without redesigning the look and feel of your office. Follow a traveling art festival with your show room, move your paddle shed down the river as the water level rises, or rotate your bike shop around your local cycling path. A portable office container creates excitement for the serendipity of your location and will encourage adventuring customers to come find you wherever you go.

  3. Used Shipping Containers offer Privacy
    Put a storage container inside a lager warehouse or open workspace and you’ve got yourself a private office! Unlike cubicles, shipping containers cut out excess noise and can even improve employee health. A study found that people who worked in open spaces took sick leave 62% more often than those who had private workspaces. It’s great to keep employees feeling fit to work, and won’t your clients enjoy a comfortable and private place to meet with you too?

  4. Used Shipping Containers? So Hot Right Now
    What’s more industrial sheik than a shipping container? Exposed piping, Steel interiors, and heavy hinges are actually very fashion forward in modern architecture. The sleek and clean lines of a mobile office container will make your business look modern, sturdy, and totally hip.
  5. If the environmental aspect wasn’t enough to make you consider a used shipping or storage container as an office space, these reasons should have helped to convince you. Shipping containers are flexible, modern, and professional looking. That is likely why the shipping container market is projected to grow by 5.3% over the course of three years. Companies recognize that office containers are smart and forward thinking.

    In addition to looking sharp, used shipping containers turned offices help your business align with the tremendous buying power behind the green building movement. Every savvy business owner knows that each company decision sends a message about who you are as an organization. From the tweet you’re sending to the outfit your staff wears, every detail gives customers clues about what your company values. A shipping container just might be the best space to help your business stand out in the market.

    Do you work in an office that uses used shipping containers? Why did your business choose to go with a storange container as a work space? Has it helped to distinguish your company’s brand? Share with us in the comments section below!

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