Fast and Affordable Online Photo Greeting Cards

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Prior to the advent of digital photography, people relied on film for everything from casual personal photos to professional wedding photo albums.Professional photographers provided the most accessible method for creating professional prints that could be used for photo greeting cards, wedding announcements, and custom prints.

Those individuals who are too young to remember when film cameras were standard would probably be taken aback by how expensive it used to be to get your hands on basic color photographs. Even if you took the photos yourself, you still had to pay around $7.00 or $8.00 for a roll of 24 exposure film, then another $10.00 or $12.00 to have them developed. On top of that, you had to actually drive to a store to have them developed and wait no less than an hour to get them.

After spending between close to $20.00 for only 24 pictures and set of negatives, there was not a whole lot that you could do with them. You couldn’t personally edit them or share them online with friends. And if you really wanted them duplicated or resized, your only option was to take them to a professional and pay even more.

Fortunately, we no longer have to go through that rigmarole to not only take and share our own pictures, but to create attractive online photo greeting cards, photo books, and other types of online prints. The resources are so accessible and easy to find that you can go online and search “professional wedding photo albums.professional pho” and find a wealth of resources.

When the first digital camera was invented it weighed about eight pounds, and took almost half a minute to take picture. By 2011, about 80 billion photographs were taken by Americans; and that number is expected to approach 105 billion photos by 2015. If you are into digital photography and want to find out more about using your own photos to create custom greeting cards, you can simply go online and search “professional wedding photo albums.professional pho”.

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