Content Marketing Conquers Algorithm Updates and Drives Sales

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Did you know that an overwhelming 80% of internet goers ignore paid or endorsed advertisements on search engine result pages? Natural search engine optimization (SEO) results in greater visibility, increased web traffic, and can drive lead generation and sales. Thanks to Google’s algorithm updates, including recent additions Hummingbird, (not provided), and Zebra, companies have a lot of concerns, and some even question the lasting value of SEO. Does SEO continue to have a place in web marketing solutions?

Is SEO Going to Make It?

SEO and related search engine marketing tools are subject to change. As long as Google – with its 65% to 75% of worldwide search engine market shares – survives, however, SEO’s future looks pretty solid. Marketers may have to adjust to new or changing strategies. What are some of the strongest tips for small business search engine optimization?

  • Content is King
  • Google is continually making adjustments and improvements leaning toward end user value. Quality content, then, often stands up to algorithm updates and any other changes to Google’s search engine formula. What constitutes high quality content? High quality content is thoroughly researched, original, and offers value to consumers. Effective content is free from spelling and grammatical errors, and may even add fresh speculation or opinion to current news cycles (called “newsjacking”). Content marketing can be widely successful. In fact, as of 2012, Marketing Sherpa reveals that content marketing increases small business revenue by as much as 40%.

  • Take an Integrated Approach
  • Small business search engine marketing depends on creating strong, and often diverse, efforts. Scoring top search engine rankings may depend on a number of different factors, and updates may continually shift these determining factors. Companies can stay one step ahead by adopting an integrated SEO strategy. For example, effective strategies may include content marketing, optimized social media, and optimized PPC advertisements.

Search engine marketing gets results, and will continue to increase visibility and drive sales as long as Google survives. Companies can perfect natural search engine optimization by favoring high quality content marketing and keeping SEO efforts thorough and diversified. Research more like this.

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