Shopping for Diamond Studs

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Diamond studs are a great earring purchase. In fact, you can never go wrong if you are looking for a nice gift for someone. Diamond studs are highly versatile and you can wear them with just about any outfit. These types of earrings even look great with a pair of jeans. In fact, diamond studs are a classic earring that women of all ages can wear with any outfit. Today, men are also able to wear diamond studs as well. These are classic and timeless earring choices for both sexes now.

Before you go out and buy diamond stud earrings you need to know a little able diamonds. Diamonds can be a good investment if you choose high quality diamonds. Not all diamonds are high quality diamonds though, so if you are buying diamond stud earrings for someone for an investment you need to be sure you look for the right cut, color, clarity and carat. These are the 4 Cs to pay attention to when buying diamonds. When diamond studs are almost completely colorless they are made with higher grades of diamonds. One way to check this is to look at the diamond studs on a white background. If the diamond looks yellowish you might want to look for other diamond studs. Most people who are not trained in what to look for usually can’t tell the different between high quality diamond studs and the run of the mill, lesser quality diamonds.

High quality diamond stud earrings are going to have very little flaws within the diamonds themselves. This means that you should look for the clarity level of diamond studs if you want high quality diamonds in your earrings. You can’t really go by price alone since some jewelers mark up even the low quality diamonds. This just means you need to look for blemishes yourself if you can. The size of the diamond in diamond stud earrings matters as well as the cut. Properly cut diamond studs will show off the brilliance of the diamond better than a poorly cut diamond. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond in your diamond studs. The larger the carat weight, the bigger the diamond. Large diamonds that are cut right, have excellent clarity and little color are going to cost the most. However, high quality diamond studs are the best gift to give someone who loves to wear diamond earrings.

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