Important Facts on California Reverse Mortgage

A lot of people are talking about how they got new source of income from California reverse mortgage. Then there are those who are talking about it as one of the best loans they had. For those who want to know more about California reverse mortgage and for those who are considering whether they should take advantage of California reverse mortgage or not, here are some facts about it. Although the facts here cover only the very basic, these can help you decide if California reverse mortgage is for you or not.

The most important thing is what reverse mortgage is. Reverse mortgage is actually a type of loan wherein you can get loan from the equity of your home. It is similar but very much different from the usual home equity loan because of the requirements, process and terms of the loan. So basically California reverse mortgage is reverse mortgage in the State of California, covering homes in the state and following the laws of the state.

Second, the California reverse mortgage is for senior citizens who own and resides on the property. The owner must be sixty two years of age or older. Aside from these requirements, the owner must also receive third party counseling. The counseling must be approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Under the California law, lenders are banned from referring the applicant to a counseling agency without telling the applicant that such act may constitute conflict of interest. The state also protects the rights of the borrower by mandating lenders to inform the lender of any agreement that he has with the counselor or counseling agency.

Third, it is best to know who really benefits from the California reverse mortgage before you decide if it is for you or not. Basically, many of those who take advantage of the reverse mortgage are those who want to have tax free source of income. Whether they will use it to enjoy their retirement or will use it for healthcare needs, they are the ones who benefit most from this type of loan. This is also for those who want to refinance their home and yet cannot do so because of they cannot meet the credit requirements. So although this may actually cost more than the typical refinancing, this is the better alternative for many seniors. If you are interested in reverse mortgage, you should conduct more research and contact your local HUD for more information and assistance.

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