Whats the Key to Being a Successful Real Estate Agent?

In the video, people learn the steps successful real estate agents take to get where they are. One would first need to find the best agent locally and work under them for free. They acquire exposure and real-world experience this way. Next, they need to get their real estate license.

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Being part of a team helps before and after a person acquires a license.

The video recommends using the finder, keeper, doer method to set up their day for success. It involves real estate agents treating themselves as a company and taking on all tasks from lead generation to advertisement. The next steps are follow up, follow through, and follow back. That’s a process agents take clients through from the moment they meet them to after the sale.

Real estate agents need to put themselves out there as much as possible. From events to seminars to open houses and even social media, agents need to use these as lead-generation tools. As a bonus tip, the video emphasizes the importance of consistent practice and learning. It introduces the Sell It Like Serhant course as the ultimate guide to learning how he got his success.

Success in real estate involves treating oneself as a company through consistent lead generation, in addition to research and development.


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