Rural Medical Care in Crisis

When you need medical care, it can’t wait. For many Americans across the country, there is at least one hospital within a manageable distance that can be reached. For some families living in a secluded part of the country though, this has become more and more of a challenge. In this video, we learn how it’s been difficult for some families to find a medical care clinic in their immediate area. This has been due to shortages and budget cuts that have affected the hospitals, resulting in the staff not having the budget to keep up and going.

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For people who live close to multiple hospitals, this may not seem like much of a problem, but for families like the one in this video, if anything were ever to go wrong with their child, they wouldn’t have much of a choice when it comes to their families health. With the coronavirus still out there, although infection rates are lower in less populated areas, if something were to go wrong, there wouldn’t even be a hospital that didn’t have enough beds to take them. As this crisis in health continues, these towns need to find a way to help their citizens.

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