2021 Saw a Record Surge in Firearm Sales

Despite a strong movement to limit gun ownership in the United States, firearm sales are surging in 2021. Several factors could be contributing to the surge, including a change from a republican president to a democrat president and the unstable nature of the job market and economy. No matter any individual’s reason for purchasing a firearm, they could benefit from following some of the tips in the video posted to this screen.

Video Source

In the video, news reporters discuss both the record surge in firearm sales and tips for making good use of a new firearm during the current ammo shortage. With more than 1 million background checks to buy guns in just one week earlier this year, more people are purchasing guns and ammo than ever before. New gun owners need to preserve ammo, and one of the best ways to do so is to get extensive firearm training.

With firearm training, gun owners will be able to use their guns as safely and effectively as possible, whether for hunting or defense purposes. They will also be able to conserve ammo by minimizing wasted shots. This is especially important as hunting season approaches.

Are you ready to jump on the firearm purchasing bandwagon? Your local gun store can help you get started.

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