4 Reasons Why You Need To Have Electronic Church Signs

How can electronic church signs be beneficial for your house of prayer? For one, it can help bring in new parish members to add to your congregation. With a large percentage, around 71%, of people who often look at advertisements and messages on roadside billboards, both digital and traditional, it won’t be a struggle to publicize your church.

Numerous churches see a decline in parishioners due to a lot of factors.

You might have practical sermons, youth services, and religious missions. Still, sometimes they’re not enough to stop your faithful following from dwindling. Even if your churchgoers’ number stays constant, you’re faced with the dilemma of bringing the figure up.

You can stop worrying now. Adding electronic church signs to your place of worship can give you the following benefits:

Displays Service and Worship Schedule

Outdoor church signs are appealing and can also be informational. You’ll be able to grab the attention of passersby while you let them know of worship and service times at the same time.

With most people’s busy schedules, it can be easy for them to forget different activity schedules, including worship. Showing the worship times using electronic signs can get other people besides your regular churchgoers to attend your church service. When people in your community know your church schedule, it’ll be easy to attract new and potential parish members.

Conveys Crucial Information

Church marquee signs are also essential in putting out important information like contact details and other news or events you want to publicize.

In a recent poll, 28% of all respondents noted a website address, and 26% took note of a phone number written on an outdoor billboard. Therefore, you can use signage to provide your parish members and the community with critical information regarding your religious institution.

In another poll, 58% of all respondents aged 18 years and older learned about an event they were interested in going to from a billboard. Suppose your congregation is having a big celebration, Bible youth service, weekend retreat, or other religious events. In that case, it won’t be a problem letting the public know of them when you have an outdoor church sign.

Draws the Attention of Passersby

Compared to traditional signage, electronic church signs are more effective in grabbing attention with their bright lights and colors. Most people these days have an inclination to ignore dull, old-style signs. Even if you have a meaningful Bible passage to share, it hardly sticks to mind.

With a digital sign, you can add color and display it on the fly. If the font or color doesn’t look good, you can easily change it and see the updated version quickly — no need to redo the entire sign.

Furthermore, these LED signs are visible any time of day. The bright lights and color can capture passersby’s attention quickly. Even if it’s just for a few seconds, the image will stay in their minds, allowing you to successfully deliver the Lord’s message.

Broadcasts Religious Quotes

With so many quotes and verses to share, using traditional signs can be expensive and tedious. Replacing the letters on your sign may seem very easy at first, but having to do it a lot of times can be frustrating. While some may think that it’s a pleasing sacrifice, however, the time and energy used to put the sign together can be better spent in other ways.

Using electronic church signs, you can easily change religious verses and quotes displayed. You can also arrange the information so that you can show them side-by-side or together with pictures. Videos and other sacred designs are easy to add as well.

The flexibility of a LED sign for churches allows you to disseminate information without old-style signage limitations. For instance, you can add your worship schedule and include a bible verse at the bottom.

You can make these verses and other religious quotes change on rotation so that they stay dynamic. Different types of animation also provide another way to capture attention.

Start Spreading the Good Word in an Effective Way

Most modern businesses and schools can attest to how effective LED digital signs are. They help increase customers and school enrollees. When it comes to outdoor electronic signs for churches, it’ll help to convey religious information effectively. You’ll have better opportunities to attract more followers.

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