A distillerys mix of business and charity key to success

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2020 has been a difficult and unusual year for many small businesses. Covid-19, and the accompanying shutdown and restrictions, has created new and unforeseen obstacles for all types of businesses. This video shows how one small business, Boardroom Spirits, made the most of the challenge and pivoted to meet the changing needs of their community while giving back in the process.

Boardroom Spirts got their start making gin, vodka and other spirits as well as serving craft cocktails at their tasting room and bar. But, the team quickly realized that business model would not work well during the uncertainty of the pandemic. It was time to quickly come up with a new plan.

Taking a look into the resources they had available, including the ability to make, bottle and package alcohol-based products on a line – possibly fitted with a hermetically sealed connector, Boardroom Spirits did what many other distilleries did in the early days of the pandemic. They switched from producing beverages to making hand sanitizer. But, Boardroom Spirits didn’t seek to make a profit in this in-demand item. With hand sanitizer sold out in stores across the nation, the distillery began giving away four ounces to anyone who came through their drive through. They have continued this act of charity throughout the pandemic, hoping to address the needs of their community and keep people a little but safer and healthier.

The drive through at Boardroom Spirits was anther Covid-inspired pivot for the business. Today, contact-less curbside pickup means that residents of Lansdale, PA can simply drive up and have their favorite bottled beverages placed in their vehicles.

However, the team at Boardroom Spirits knew simply offering curbside pickup wasn’t enough. The team committed to meeting their customers where they are by offering delivery services within a 30-mile radius of the distillery.

As if that wasn’t enough of a change, the team at the distillery knew they also needed to modify their product offerings. Since they could no longer serve their popular craft cocktails in the tasting room, Boardroom Spirits started bottling ready-to-drink cocktails that customers could enjoy at home. While this seems like a natural pivot for a distillery already known for creative cocktails, Covid-19 brought even more challenges. Since they were not able to quickly order labels for their new bottled products, Boardroom Spirits had to begin making their own product labels, practically overnight.

All the changes and innovations have been worth in for this small business. The Lansdale community has embraced their local distiller and new customers are learning about the business all the time. Plus, their new bottled cocktails are a huge hit with the locals.

When faced with the challenge of Covid-19 shutdowns, the team at Boardroom Spirits has two options. They could close and hope the situation improved, or they could step up to the challenge and pivot their business model. By finding ways to continue their core business and offer new much-needed services, Boardroom Spirits has kept their business afloat while also giving back to their community.

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