It Takes Customers Less Than One Second To Judge Your Website Houston Web Design Companies

Digital marketing can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

You have what seems like thousands of ways to reach out to customers, with only some of them yielding any results. You also have a limited budget that isn’t exactly forgiving when you make mistakes. Figuring out whether to spend your money on means talking shop with a Houston website design company. Casting the largest net isn’t how you catch the most fish, as the saying goes, and a professional can help you narrow things down the right way. On-page SEO, affordable website design…there are some good options out there with a little digging!

What does content generation mean? Does on-page SEO really deliver on its promises? We’re going to look at five of the most popular digital marketing strategies today and how they’ll propel your business forward.

Search Engines Are How Most Customers Interact With Your Brand

What’s the first thing you usually do when going online? If you said, “Looking up something in the search engine,” you’re already on the right track! It’s estimated over 50% of all website traffic comes straight from a good, old-fashioned browsing session. Another 10% comes from paid search and 5% comes from social media, which should give you an idea as to where the money should be flowing. Customers, at the end of the day, don’t want to be browbeat with the information they need to inform a purchase.

Content Strategy Keeps Loyal Customers Coming Back For More

You’ve no doubt heard this term thrown back and forth. “Content generation” this, “content strategy” that. This is a term that refers to just making things for customers to interact with in your business — this can include a blog post about a service, a short informative video, or a step-by-step guide. This is a great way to keep customers loyal, as it informs them you have more to offer than just a product. A content marketing agency can make sure you never run out of additional goodies to offer your consumer base.

Strong Website Design Helps Nail The First Impression

All the content marketing in the world won’t help if your website leaves a bad impression. Just like wearing a smart outfit to an interview, so too should your web design be putting its best foot forward. It takes a customer less than one second to form a long-lasting opinion about your website. A good website should, at its most basic, offer useful information and a clean interface. Why would a customer want to linger if they can’t even find your basic contact information?

A Frequently Updated Blog Helps Newcomers Stick Around

What’s another way to generate more content? Just keep an active blog on your website. This does the dual work of encouraging loyal customers and giving new visitors more incentive to stay. On-page SEO (short for search engine optimization) will provide you with the web traffic you need to rake in those repeat customers, saving you a lot of money in the process. A recent study found, on average, around 40% of a website’s generated revenue comes from organic traffic.

Applying For Active SEO Packages Will Give You A Well-Rounded Result

On-page SEO or content generation? Get the full package with the aid of a graphic design company. As a small businessowner you already have your hands full working, marketing, and attempting that whole ‘work-life balance’ thing. Shrugging off some of that responsibility to professionals with years of experience is just a smart thing to do. Gartner research released a report not too long ago, finding organizations that use marketing automation saw a revenue increase of 10% or more.

Digital marketing isn’t as mysterious as it seems. Build a new website or try on-page SEO with the help of a marketing professional this year…you’ll be glad you did!

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