Will the Picky Eaters in Your House Plant Their Own Garden This Year?

If you are the parent of a of picky or non-eater then you understand the stress that every meal time can bring.

And while you are not expecting anyone to provide you with a perfect solution, you are open to any advice that friends and family feel like giving. In fact, sometimes you feel like all you are rally looking for is solidarity!

Being a mom is difficult and can feel isolating at times. When you have a child who is not exactly picky, but more commonly just flat out refuses to eat every day can be a battle. Often, in fact, It makes you want to pull your hair out!
In your most current attempt at helping him to develop good eating habits you have established a system that if he does not eat his meal at meal time, you put it in the fridge and bring it back out during the next meal. Oddly enough, this morning, he had a cheeseburger and broccoli for breakfast. And he ate it. Plus a waffle. sometimes you feel as if he is doing his own version of intermittent fasting!

When Was the Last Time That You Planted Raised Garden Beds?

Fortunately, one of your friends had a great idea. She suggested that you let your picky eating son help with the planning and the planting of some new raised garden beds in the backyard. You let him pick some of the vegetables that you would plant, and made sure that you added in some of your favorites as well. In addition to the planting, you let your son help with the traditional fence materials that will keep the rabbits out of the plants.

The environmentally friendly segment of the growing landscaping industry offers many families a way to add to the beauty of a home and add to the food that you serve your family at the same time. Recycled plastic wood can also help you create borders around your landscaping areas that are not used for a garden.

With only these three things, water, oxygen, and favorable temperature between 40 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit, wood can rot. Because these three items are so common there are a number of times when environmentally friendly landscaping materials are used. From trying to tempt your pickiest eaters to find foods that they like to redesigning the areas around your landscaping, there are many new environmentally engineered products that can help you achieve all of your goals, including raised garden beds.

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