5 Every Day Uses for Colored Dot Stickers

Whether you’re looking to more productive or more creative, small colored dot stickers offer a variety of uses that can be helpful. You can use them in your every day life to keep track of things or in arts and crafts activities with your children. At first glance they might seem simple, but once you know how to use them you will be surprised at all the different things these colored circle stickers can do. Here are five examples of how you can use them in every day life:

1. Make Dot Art

On the creative end, you can use small colored dot stickers to create dot art. This is a fun activity to do with your own children or children who are a part of your life such as students or nieces and nephews. Use the different colors and jumble them together to make shapes and pictures. This is not only a fun way to create colorful art, but it can help small children improve their motor skills.

2. Create a Schedule

You can also use these colored stickers to help in creating a schedule
. For example, if you have certain days of the week that you want to go to the gym or days that you have appointments, you can mark them with specific colors as reminders. When you see the red appointment sticker in your planner or on your calendar you will be instantly reminded that you have somewhere to be that day. You can even mark the date and time on the stick if that helps.

3. Teach Math

Teaching math to a young child can be made fun with small colored dot stickers. You can use different colors to teach addition and subtraction. Have your child or student count how many blue stickers there and how many red stickers there are, then how many stickers there are total to form an addition equation. You can even give them an equation and have them show you what it looks like in dots.

4. Organize Books

Color coding stickers can be used to organize books by genre. Every genre can be assigned a specific dot color and books can be marked accordingly. This can come in handy if you work at a library or are selling a large number of books. You can even use it at home with your own books to help organize your shelves.

5. Create Price Tags

These little dots come in handy when you’re running a yard sale or selling items in a booth. You can color code them by price to make accepting payments quicker and easier and you can mark items with prices to assist customers. You can also use them to signify sale items.

These little stickers can be used for an endless array of tasks. They are wonderful for organizing, teaching, art, and more. They are worth keeping around, because chances are you can find a use for them in your every day life.

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