Self-Improvement Can Be Hard Why The American Executive Coaching Industry Is In High Demand

Self-improvement can be a tricky thing. You only have one life, yet that sometimes isn’t enough to steer a person in the right direction.

Whether it’s stress getting in the way of eating healthy or a lack of motivation after a divorce, there always seems to be something in the way. None of us are superhuman! It’s this simple fact that supports the executive coach industry. Designed with the goal to bring out people’s best, this is a thriving career field that’s only expected to keep growing. Everyone is in need of a little help and it’s your knowledge that could help them get there.

Are you considering becoming someone’s career coach? Look below to learn more about what this entails and how you can very well be the difference in someone’s life.

The American Self-Improvement Industry Today

You’ve chosen a good time to consider becoming an executive coach. The American self-improvement industry is seeing a surge in activity, both from people learning how to coach and individuals in need of coaching. Recent data has found the United States boasts a self-improvement industry worth nearly $10 billion. Not only that, but the personal coaching industry is expected to reach $1 billion between 2016 and 2022. Becoming a certified career coach is a rewarding path that just keeps on giving, in one form or another.

Helping People Live Healthier Lives Through Their Diet

Perhaps the most obvious element of executing coaching is helping people eat healthier. Diets are a finicky thing, due in no small part to mainstream media’s obsession with quickness. Lose weight now, trim your waistline in a week. A reliable diet, however, builds good habits little by little to create a lifetime foundation. You can help your client commit to a low-glycemic diet to support a recent diabetes diagnosis or encourage them to reduce their saturated fat intake to help them lose weight.

Building A Reliable Fitness Regimen With Your Client

Another aspect of personal coaching is the exercise regimen. This is frequently paired with creating a healthy diet, as both of these create beautiful long-term results. The typical duration for an executive coach is between seven and 12 months, depending. According to a recent study, nearly 40% of life coaches in the United States are between the ages of 45 and 55 years old. Think about what kind of specialty you want to cultivate with your career, as it could very well help you stand out amid the growing competition!

Working Through Mental Health Step By Step

It’s not just the physical health aspect you’ll be focusing on with your career coaching. Organizational development consultants also have to consider the mental health element. Living better is a delicate process, as even a dip in sleep habits or change in diet can change someone significantly. You’ll be getting to know your client over the months, up to and including their stress levels. Talk to them about what makes them happy, what stresses them out, and walk them through their journey rather than leading.

The Benefits Of Entering The Executive Coach Industry

To become an OD consultant is to become someone’s beacon of hope. Becoming a healthier, happier person is more than possible with a helping hand…that of which you’ll offer exclusive rights to! Over the next five years high-income households will continue to be the biggest catalyst of growth in the self-improvement industry. Some executive life coaches can earn as much as $3,500 per hour, particularly when they establish themselves in their niche. This can be in fitness, dieting, therapy, traveling, and fashion, among others.

Self-improvement is tricky…but it’s also possible. What kind of executive coach will you become?

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