Charter a Gulfstream Private Jet for Your Business Travel Needs

Many companies need their personnel to travel in order to meet with clients, attend conferences, and other important events. In some instances, it may be necessary or more convenient to fly rather than drive to these destinations. Given this, it’s important to consider the benefits of chartering a private jet rather than booking passage with a standard commercial airline.

More Options for Private Flights

In the United States, there were 11,261 private jets registered in 2011. While this number may have increased since then, a certain percentage of these jets are available for private charter. In some instances, worldwide jet charters are available.

There are quite a few major airports throughout the United States that can accommodate standard commercial flights. Private business aircraft, however, have more options. While 19% of private jets fly into or depart from large commercial airports, 33% do so at smaller secondary airports.

Experience Increased Productivity

According to a 2009 survey, business travelers reported that they were 20% more productive when they flew on a company aircraft than when they worked at their home office. One of the reasons for this increased productivity may be fewer workplace distractions. When personnel are all together on the same private flight, they have the added convenience of being able to discuss business matters as well. Furthermore, personnel have the opportunity to conduct meetings, engage in collaborative projects, and focus on other relevant tasks.

Learn More About the Benefits of Traveling by Gulfstream Private Jet

When you and your personnel need to travel for business, choosing a Gulfstream private jet can save valuable time by streamlining travel arrangements. In addition to being more convenient than traveling on a commercial flight, private jets are also more comfortable.

Once you consult with a private jet charter for business, you’ll be able to learn more about the different types of jets that are available. At that time, you will also be able to discuss your travel plans, create an itinerary, and obtain quotes. If you haven’t traveled by private jet before, after you experience the benefits first-hand, there’s an excellent chance that this will be your preferred mode for business travel.

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