Private Airlines Are Perfect For Productivity Why More Managers And CEOs Are Chartering Their Flights

How important is your travel experience to your work-life balance?

You might not have asked this question in a while. That’s perfectly understandable. When you have bills to pay and a family to feed, picking and choosing between your travel options can seem like the very definition of splitting hairs. The fact of the matter, however, is quite different and should be explored more over the next few months. The type of travel you choose is paramount to your success as a manager of a small business or CEO of a corporation.

The gulfstream charter plane is becoming one of the most preferred way for executives, CEOs, and managers to travel. Here’s what you can expect to gain when you fly private.

Enjoy A Smoother, More Timely Flight

To charter a private jet is to take control of not just the skies, but your life. While public airlines boast a lower cost model, they also have to navigate more cramped airways. The gulfstream charter plane uses a higher altitude to both improve your comfort and create a more timely arrival. If you find yourself getting airsick easily or just want to get to your destination as soon as possible, the ease of the business charter jet will be felt even before you stick the landing. Your productivity will certainly have something to say.

Experience A Boost In Productivity

Something you can’t afford to miss when traveling back and forth between your destinations is productivity. Even resting properly is a smart use of your time. A 2009 survey asked respondents how they feel on public airlines compared to the executive private jet, with the focus being productivity both on and off the plane. The majority of respondents stated they are up to 20% more productive on a company flight, having an easier time working, resting, and communicating. What else can a business private jet do?

Use More Convenient Travel Options

It can just be more convenient. Public airlines may be more in the mainstream eye, but the gulfstream charter plane has much more flexibility behind-the-scenes. By the time 2011 arrived there were over 11,000 private jets registered in the United States. Recent studies have shown one-third of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport, with another 20% into large commercial airports. You don’t ever have to worry about where you’re being picked up or where you’re landing when you choose the best private jet charter.

Improve Your Mood Upon Arrival

How often do you feel groggy, frustrated, or even tired when you arrive at your destination? This is a common story many managers and executive assistants are telling today, particularly when it comes to public airlines. The gulfstream charter plane provides you the ease and convenience you deserve during your average hard day’s work. Its quiet design and smooth travel will make sure you’re feeling refreshed upon landing, rather than wondering what you could’ve done a little different. It’s not hard to see why the gulfstream air charter is becoming more popular.

The Growing Popularity Of The Best Private Jet

The best private jet charter is becoming the new norm for managers, executives, and CEOs. The high altitude and smooth travel reduces air sickness and jet lag, improving your mood well before you’ve touched base. Fewer people also means fewer distractions, so you can work without breaking your productivity streak. There are also plenty of amenities to enjoy, whether it’s good food you crave or your favorite movies. To get an executive jet charter is to put your priorities front and center.

Don’t let your productivity take a backseat. Ask yourself how a chartered flight can change the way you look at your life.

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