The Benefits of Using Document Management Solutions

In the digital age, there are more alternatives to previous actions than ever before. To understand what this means, take a look at how document management solutions can help businesses across the country. They can use these print management solutions and print management software for plenty of benefits.

Across the United States, estimates have revealed that just about 10,000 sheets of paper are used by the average employee each year. This is a lot of paper that ends up lost or wasted at the end of the day. Instead of using all of this paper, save money on office supplies by giving your employees the right kind of software. HEre are the benefits of using document management solutions:

Document Management Solutions Will Improve Your Business

There are a lot of benefits that can come along with using document management solutions. For instance, it will make certain portions of the company much more efficient. The four departments that benefit the most from document management solutions include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contracts management, and Human Resources.

The third-largest office expense behind rent and payroll involves printer and copier costs. However, these costs can easily be removed from an office’s books by just using the right kind of managed print solutions. It will allow for your business to do everything through electronics which prevents documents from being wasted and potentially even lost!

An average employee’s printing expenses can cost companies between $600 and $1,300 per year. While this does not seem a lot for one employee, it is for just one employee. So take this average cost of $1,300 and multiply it by the number of employees. If a business has over 100 employees then it is wasting nearly six figures on documents that might get lost or thrown away!

An average of four weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, or untracked documents. According to the Gartner Group, 15% of all paper documents are misplaced and 7.5% are lost completely. When important documents like this are not properly filed after getting printed, it is horrific for a business. They will not just lost important documents but they will then have to replace the documents in the process as well!

Document Management Solutions Will Reduce Waste

According to the Paperless Project coalition, 85% of business documents are still in paper form, wasting a lot of paper every day. There are so many cloud storage software options available that there is no need to keep printing paper like this. Instead, a business can just buy a bunch of cloud storage space and can use this for their documents instead of having to print out paper that is just thrown away at the end of the day.

Filing accounts for a great deal of office debt. In fact, on average, filing costs about $20 per document, and every misfiled document costs businesses $125 in lost productivity. If you want to have a successful business then you are not going to be able to work through these types of issues. This will hurt you and your company financially. Avoid this altogether and just invest in managed printing solutions!

In Conclusion

According to, 17% of everything printed is considered waste. With this in mind, you can go and evaluate all of the paper that is printed in your business. Then, use document management solutions to help cut down on this waste so that important documents are printed and stored away safely. That way, you can make sure you are not wasting money on paper and other waste.

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