How Can Businesses Make Sure They’re Using Environmentally Friendly Shipping Methods?

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Shipping is the lifeblood of any business. If you can’t keep up with changing demands? You might as well kiss your monthly figures goodbye.

This doesn’t have to be a death knell for your brand. If anything shipping being so coveted just makes your job easier, as it gives you an opportunity to focus on what your customers are going to be focusing on the most when shifting from brand to brand. Door to door movers, Dominican air freight, even your shipping discounts on certain orders…all of these ingredients add up to the business that can withstand the test of time.

Learn the differences between shipping now so you can save yourself some money later.

Door To Door Movers

Let’s start with door to door movers. Small businesses, particularly those that operate locally, can benefit the most from door to door movers that work primarily in short distances. While choosing other traveling methods can seem more prudent (particularly in terms of speed), a shorter distance gives you the opportunity to save money while still providing a speedy experience. According to recent research provided by IBIS World, the air cargo industry has already exceeded $75 billion in revenue. What does this mean for you?

Cargo Airlines

For those that don’t operate purely locally, cargo airlines may prove the more useful option if you want to save on time. Back in 2012 the global aviation industry transported an impressive $6 trillion worth of cargo, not a bad figure when you consider shipping costs have only continued to rise in light of demand. Air cargo services are a necessary tool for both managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy and even informational resources. Ocean cargo, however, is still an option for some…

Ocean Cargo

Sometimes you need to ask a certified purchasing agent about your other options. Ocean cargo is yet another shipping method you can choose when figuring out the best way to keep your business moving forward. While air cargo boasts some of the shortest transportation times, ocean cargo can be very useful for heavy equipment, large loads and more lenient (but still timely) schedules. It’s important to keep in mind that, when shipping perishable food, a combination of both insulated packaging and dry ice can preserve food for up to two days at a time.


A common phrase you might have heard lately is that of point-to-point transportation. This is considered one of the best options for businesses of all shapes and sizes for its eco-friendly nature and quick turnaround time, providing the best of door to door movers with freight transportation. Point-to-point transportation drastically reduces the need for connection time as well as reduces the probability of damaged goods. Cargo companies are becoming more privy to environmentally friendly shipping methods to help both customers and businesses save money in the long-term.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

When it comes down to it? Door to door movers and even the best Dominican air freight need to supplement an eco-friendly approach. Today’s world is in desperate need of companies that are just as eager to go green as they are to save money and nowhere is that easier to do than to change your approach to shipping. Direct cargo transportation services can allow your goods to be transferred in a much more environmentally friendly fashion due to using less fuel and requiring less space to move back and forth. Whether it’s door to door movers providing door to door flyer distribution or a step up from your local area, going green is the way of the future.

Which shipping option will you rely on in 2018?

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