Is Your Company Looking for a New Answering Service?

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It is scratch and dent season in the midwest. As the dimpled darlings fill the lots of auto body shops around the cities where the hail and windstorms have been most severe, it can seem as if you will never get the help that you need. The fact that the insurance companies are setting up temporary adjusting locations all over town is another indicator of how many customers are in need of claims adjustors and their services. When you are fortunate enough to get through the claims process and work your way onto a schedule for the repairs, another stage of waiting begins.
Fortunately, in the case of some auto body repair shops that make use of the best answering services, the wait for the repair work can be both predictable and easy to understand. With the best answering service, for instance, a client can call in and quickly determine the status of their vehicle’s repairs. In some cases, in fact, the call answering service also generates automatic texts which detail the status of a vehicle. The basic status reports like received, processing, completed, picked up, however, are just the beginning. Some auto body shops understand the value in keeping their clients well informed so they use a business answering service that can provide even more details.
Is Your Business Making Use of the Latest and Best Answering Service to Facilitate Valuable Customer Communications?

Even in an age of technology, customers needed to receive personal care and attention. When, for instance, you only need to know that status of your car that is being repaired from the latest hail storm, it is okay to receive text message updates. If, however, you have a specific question that requires a human response, the best answering service should help you get that as well.

  • Daily telemarketing phone calls can be annoying. So too, however, are the daily calls that a customer has to make when they have a question of their service provider, whether it is an auto repair shop or a doctor’s office. Clients do not want to be bothered with telemarketing calls coming into their home, but they do want the companies that they do business with to bother to respond to their customer inquiries.
  • Office answering services can provide live 24 hour assistance to patients and clients.

  • Nearly 66% of consumers indicate that they would be willing to spend more with a particular company following an excellent customer service experience. in fact, many customers indicate that they would be willing to spend as much as 13% more if they knew they could get the highest level of customer care.
  • One way to turn off your potential customers is by using a highly scripted phone call. In fact, heavily scripted calls often eliminate two elements essential to positive customer service experiences: empathy and emotion.
  • Telephone answering services of yesterday are not the only thing that is available to businesses today. The latest automated communication systems, for instance, not only provide great customer assistance, they also enable employees to check their work hours online or over the phone, as well as request upcoming vacation days.

  • Practically 80% of consumers indicate that they prefer to contact customer service representatives over the phone.
  • Unresponsive is one way that you could categorize your customer’s response to getting a voicemail message when they call your business. In fact, 80% of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail.
  • The number one thing customers are looking for when they call contact centers is to have their problems resolved quickly.

  • Make time for your customers and they will make time for your products and services.
  • Estimates indicate that 79% of consumers prefer to interact with companies by phone than other options.

  • One negative phone experience can cause your business to lose a customer.
  • National answering services can still provide personalized customer responses.

  • How long do you wait when you are put on hold?
  • One research study indicates that U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year because of customer service that is poor.
  • Letting a live person field your customer questions is most often a great investment, even if that live person is someone working for a national answering service.
  • Do not make your customers wait!

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