What Makes Perfect Binding A Great Choice?

Wire binding machine

There are many choices when it comes to binding a book. Studies show that print engages readers 59 percent more than do online articles. Needless to say, you’ll want to ensure your book has the right binding choice for its intended audience.

A wire binding machine can create publications with holes and inserted wires. If you’ve seen a notebook, this is a great example of wire binding. Coil binding machines are another popular way to bind books. However, one binding method has become especially popular. In this post, you will learn more about perfect binding and its benefits.

A perfect binding machine begins with an application of glue to the spine of a book. This glue is then heated so that it forms to the pages more effectively. After the glue is melted, adjustments can be made to remove any excess paper or glue.

One example of an often used publication for perfect binding is the softcover book. Softcover books are published in a wide variety of genres. Consumers sometimes prefer a softcover book because it is usually more inexpensive than a hardcover option.

These savings are partially due to how inexpensive perfect binding is for manufacturers. Research shows that print represents about 80 percent of all book sales worldwide. The online world is full of information but, statistically, print is still very popular for readers.

Studies show that print is one of the largest industries in the world. Print is an industry eight times larger than the entire video game industry. Choosing the right type of important to be part of this massive industry. A perfect binder can provide an inexpensive solution, with a little extra room for branding.

Another advantage of using a perfect binder is the additional spine space. Companies often use the spine to add their company name or relevant information. A perfect binder clearly has the advantage of spine branding because most other binding options leave a flat spine.

In summary, there are many benefits of choosing a perfect binder for your binding needs. Perfect binders use a glue to hold pages together. This binding method is inexpensive which makes it great for savings to a company that are passed on to the consumer.

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